Dead By Daylight

Finally, a serial killer slasher game that is somewhat enjoyable. I found this game as I was scrolling through the XBox One store, and I was instantly intrigued. I have played other like-minded games, such as ‘Friday the 13: Killer Puzzle’, which is actually a mobile. I’ve also played ‘The Evil Within’ and ‘Outlast’, briefly. I haven’t tried to play the ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ yet. I was in search of a game that would feel like slasher movies.

‘Dead By Daylight’ has an intriguing concept, but if you’re one that just wants to play at your own pace (like myself), this game doesn’t have that feature. The gameplay is set up more like teamed challenges. The player is playing with a team of other players, and you can’t just easily press play like most games. You have to wait for the team to join your game, which, for me, gets annoying. Then again, I do better playing by myself than I do with others, especially randomly selected people that I don’t know. Had this been a game where you can choose your own team of people you know, I might be more comfortable with this feature.

One feature I like is the option to be a Survivor or a Killer. I tried both to test the gameplay. I will say that, for me, being a Survivor is much easier and fun than being a Killer. As the Killer, you are equipped with different tasks and it can feel tedious. It’s more than just find and kill. There are different objectives and rituals each Killer has. As a Survivor, your only task is to run, hide, and get to safety before time runs out. However, the timed feature I am not a fan of, but that’s just me personally. I am a casual gamer and I like to go at my own pace and my own speed. I don’t like having to race against the clock to achieve some goal. Yet, the option to help other Survivors is a nice feature. I was pretty much dead until another Survivor was able to revive me, buying me more time to try and reach the safety zone.

With this said, I am not in favor of the aimless repetitiveness of the Survivor. Even in Horror movies, the victims fight back. They’re not just hiding behind bushes with no means of defending themselves in some way. In ‘Dead By Daylight’, it’s pure survival horror. I like this concept to an extent. When playing ‘The Evil Within’, during The Prologue, where your only mission is to escape the decrepit building, but there’s a sadistic killer that you have to escape. I did not like not being able to pick up a weapon of some sort and attacking him with it. Luckily, once you survive this chapter and enter the next, you gain access to weapons. However, in ‘Dead By Daylight’, there is no access to any weapons of any sort. Not even simple hand combat.

The graphics are my favorite feature of the game. Nowadays, video game graphics are better than some movies. The kills are amazing. I may just let the killer catch me on purpose, just to see the special effects of all of the kills. Some movies don’t even have special effects like these. The controls of the game are easy enough. The Survivors’ actions are limited, which is aggravating.

The gameplay is also limited. When I think of slasher Horror, I think of victims being able to roam around a whole town. Not restricted to a cornfield that feels more like a maze. They should be able to hide in nearby houses and buildings, walk, run, crawl, jump, and climb around, as well as pick up anything to use to their disposal as a means for survival. This is what I think of when I think of Survival Horror.

‘Dead By Daylight’ is a neat concept, but the gameplay is limited and restricting. To be called “Survival Horror”, there’s not much to do in order to survive. In fact, in my opinion, this is the opposite of surviving.

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  1. Oho, i’m not in to this kind of games, but if one day they will decided to make a movie, i will be the first one to see it💚


    1. I agree if this becomes a movie it would be an awesome concept. Hopefully it would have more going for it than the game does.


  2. Well the only ways to fight back really are flashlights, firecrackers, pallets, and decisive strike (used only when grabbed by killer)

    But it’s the same thing each round. Escape by powering generators, Hatch door, or death. Get’s boring fast.

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  3. Great review. I think it was a missed opportunity for the developers. They could include a lot more features for survivors and like you said, a town which can be explored or even a village stage like Resident Evil 4 could have made it more logical. I hope they make things right through a patch, DLC or a sequel.

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