So…you may be thinking; “Great. Another alligator film.” Nevertheless, Crawl is still a film that is a must see. Different from the average, cheesy killer crocodile film you see on Sci-Fi. It’s full of suspense and excitement. When I went to see it yesterday evening, it was more like an experience, because the audience was passionate about the movie. There were awesome jump scares that actually made people jump, and some even screamed. That’s the first time I saw a film in theaters that received a response like that in a long time.

The synopsis basically tells the story, but it’s a simple and straight-to-the-catch premise. Also, the movie doesn’t linger too long like a lot of movies do. It almost gets straight into the action. The acting is phenomenal and deserves a standing ovation. The film deserves an award. Even in its refurbished concept, it manages to be innovative and ground-breaking.

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  1. A great short and to the point review, Stacy! I love it when audience form my theater is passionate about the movie too. I experienced it during Endgame.. Everyone was screaming and clapping at the best scenes XD


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