Slow and silent Horror is becoming a more traveled trend in Horror cinema entertainment nowadays. The concept always has potential, but if you’re one that likes a harder punch, you won’t find it in this genre. Robert EggersThe Witch received an amazing response during opening weekend, and continues to rack in the raves even today. Audience taken by surprise at the fierceness of its simplicity, yet the roughness of it’s nature. Rainer Sarnet‘s November ranking even higher than The Witch, is stone cold in it’s silence.

And then we have Lukas Feigelfleld‘s Hagazussa, which is being donned “the new The Witch“. It’s obvious of it’s comparison. This trend in witches, paranoia, and superstition are parallel and make for intriguing spooky tales. What makes these concepts work so well are the eerie tone and environment, including the cinematography, which usually takes on a rather dark and depressing mood and vibe. The story build-up is usually slow and intimate and makes for an intimidated experience.

On the flip side, the slow dragging nature of such films can seem tedious. This is all in personal taste when it comes to cinema entertainment preference. Don’t expect major violence and gore if you are a ‘gorehound’ or a fan of ‘hardcore’ Horror. The most you will get from these films are jump scares.

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