Bite Review

We’ve seen alot of bug like horror films like giant spiders to giant bugs who mimic mankind and we can’t forget the classic films of The Fly, but Bite brings a whole new definition to creepy crawlies.

This modern take of the films The Fly. Bite was released on May 29th, 2015 which was directed and produced by Chad Archibald which made the 2018 horror flick I’ll Take Your Dead. This film stars Elma Begovic as Cassy and Jorden Grey as Jared.

Casey who is soon to be married goes on a trip with her three friends. On the trip she gets bitten by an unknown bug. The events after she gets home take a turn for the worst when her bug bite isn’t an ordinary bug bite.

This film seemed to not have any issues visual wise, but the only issue that bugged me most was the beginning and the end credit scenes. I wish they weren’t so cheesy and announced the film title twice. I loved the details alot in this film. The practical effects were out standing. The way she looked while changing to this hideous monster was great. The music in the film was ok wasn’t really feeling it.

If you are looking for this film to give it a try you can find it on Tubi TV. If you over look the small little details like the cheesy intro and ending also the music the films actually quite decent. I wasn’t disappointed at all with the work of Archibalds modern take on the classic film The Fly. If you ever get a chance definitely check it out I’d love to hear other peoples opinions.

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