“Fallstone #1” – Comic Review

The Great Old Ones are awakening and a bunch of misfits are the only ones who know that the end is near.

Will they band together in time to defeat the impending doom?

We see the past where two sons have lost their mother by a cult to a ritual, which causes a deal with the leader with Satan. However 20 years later, Jack, Bo’s brother who is now missing has been brought back to Fallstone. It seems there’s more to this than what he was told, instead of some artifact, Jack was lured to help find his lost brother.

We meet our first creature or should I say creatures of the series. It looks like some sort of bat, that can speak the word blood, and doesn’t normally travels alone.


The artwork, lettering, coloring, everything is done by M. J. Myers. The author of Fallstone #1. I know some artwork isn’t always dubbed “good” or “great”, but this feel looks like a cartoon. However in a good way, like Fallstone could work has it’s own cartoon series. I mean it’s paranormal with superheroes without power. Or look at Fallstone like the TV Hit Show, Supernatural. I enjoyed what Mike Myers has within the first issue, and I’m not just saying that even when I’ve had the pleasure to meet him back at a comic con in New York. I can’t wait to dive into issue #2 to see what happens next.


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