Suicide Club

Suicide is a hard pill to swallow. The concept alone is nerve-wracking. The daily struggles one must go through to feel like they’ve reached the end. Yet, Maximilian von Vier‘s Suicide Club sets this premise. At the start, it’s attention-grabbing. Your pulse races for a brief moment. Good thing this is only the beginning.

As Suicide Club progresses, a few things are going on. For starters, Kelly (Therica Wilson-Read) wants to kill herself for some reason that we don’t finally know about until late in the film. Upon first observation, life doesn’t seem all that bad. She appears to be a loner and an outcast. Second, there is a mysterious website completely devoted to, not suicide prevention…but suicide encouragement. Three, Kelly’s life makes a pivotal change, where she is starting to look towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

The concept and story of Suicide Club is great. The overall message of “Life is not that bad. There is something to live for” is uplifting. Yet, the film constantly lingers in places it shouldn’t linger. At some points, I even thought the film lost its overall vision. But all this is is a missed opportunity for more exploratory directions.

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