“Rise of the Goatman” – Comic Review [UPDATED]

A young family are staying in a cabin in the woods when their daughter discovers a diary from the previous owner, revealing it’s true haunting past.

This comic was funded July 24th via Kickstarter, 236 backers pledged £3,277 to help bring this project to life.

We start off with a very interesting piece, the owner ending his life. But it’s also the start of what would be the last trip for this family. At least they got some nature air, before their last breath. If you aren’t familiar with Goatman, know that nobody lives to tell their story. Rise of the Goatman feels like a small episode of some monster tv show, minus the witnesses getting interviewed about their encounter with the abnormal creature.

As the story goes on, it seems very fast paced, almost like a quick little story. Which I hate to kind of say, but it took me possibly 3 minutes to read all the way through. And hopefully when “The Making of…” Book gets here, it’ll shine some light on why it felt fast paced and well, not long enough. If not why it’s a stand alone, and not a series.

The ending was a bit twisty, however you knew it was coming. I’m honestly not trying to say this comic wasn’t good, I just feel there was a lot of missed opportunities to make a story more terrifying than what we received in the end. Maybe just a bit more creepy atmosphere shots with some creepy Goatman lurking, but overall it was a good read. The artwork is amazingly done, colors are spot on and I just hope we kind of see the Goatman again.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think Rise of the Goatman seems kind of weak. What makes it sadder is that this is a stand alone, meaning this was meant to be nice and quick. I honestly believe this should have been 50 pages, I feel so much more could have happened or learned about the Goatman. However, I don’t feel disappointed. I just feel kind of like it was really quick and not much horror with action. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m curious for those that have read it to let me know what you though of Afterlight’s latest comic. Did you enjoy the fast and easy pace? Or do you feel like it should have gone on longer?

Before this review we talked about it with Joey Oliveira and a few articles, that can be found below. Feel free to check these out as well, and listen to our interview with Joey.

Afterlight Comics Goatman Cover


Afterlight Comics

I’ve received my Kickstarter perk from Afterlight Comics. Which also included the Rise of the Goatman The Making of… Book. A few prints and an advertisement.

So lets get right down to it, unfortunately what I stated above to hopefully seeing in the making of book doesn’t come through. There’s no notes what so ever, it’s just literally just the pencil drawings of each scene without dialogue of course. But some of the early sketches of the Goatman look well, pretty interesting.


I reached out to Joey and this is what he had to say.

Rather intimidating to look at really, there’d be more on the actual birth of the Goatman, which would explain the size etc, if we were able to do a sequel. It’s kind of set up to play out like a planet of the apes trilogy, but works on it’s own.

Get your wallets ready because in 10 days (August 19th), we will see the return of Afterlight Comic with their next Kickstarter. This time for the continuation of Joey’s latest work, STAY AWAKE #2.

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