“Fallstone #2” – Comic Review

The Great Old Ones are awakening and a bunch of misfits are the only ones who know that the end is near.

Will they band together in time to defeat the impending doom?

We continue, and it’s not good with the bad guys find out that the artifact they have been searching for, hasn’t been destroyed and hasn’t left where they thought was destroyed. Clothes replaced, to eliminate scents and once again still haven’t found Bo.

It seems there’s also someone else looking for these brothers, and not just one person, or should I say group. Steven or Wrathgar, is after the character Kate, who possesses their masters Queen. While these other people want to possess the power through the knife that killed Jack and Bo’s mother. Unfortunately, they now know where it is.


The art is like as I described in Issue #1, however the only other thing I found was one spelling error of released (relelased). Other than that, I feel like Issue #1 had more action and this one had some, but it was quick and straight forward. Like the Sasquatch encounter. Either way, Mike is doing something awesome within this Fallstone series. Issue #3 is in the works but for now  you might have to watch Mike’s website, social media for when we could expect Fallstone #3 release.

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