Robert Eggers Releases NEW Trailer for Upcoming Film, The Lighthouse.

From the director of, The Witch. Robert Eggers is set for his next film project. The Lighthouse.
The story of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

Now, this could go either way. We saw the backlash of The Witch, the good and well those expecting “more”. When it was nothing more than an American Folktale.

And not to get you confused with, Shadow Knights Studios very own upcoming game, The Lighthouse. Which features music from Mimi Page.

My first impression is simple, as a fan of The Witch. The Lighthouse looks to be the next classic and horror we absolutely need. Since the trailer doesn’t show much of anything, which is nice. I’m confident to say, if those that didn’t like The Witch like this. Then they need to go back and appreciate it, because the atmosphere is brilliant. Creepy yet satisfying.

I have no doubt, William Dafoe put his all in this film as well as everything he has ever done. Like Boondock Saints, and Beyond Two Souls performances. This looks to be the next horror film we need, aside from all these cheesy remakes and jump scares. Rather than build up a suspenseful plot and well made execution.

The Lighthouse is looking at a October 18th 2019 Release.

Are you excited? Also don’t forget about, The Isle. Where they used the atmosphere than cheap jump scares to bring the suspense of the film.

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  1. The trailer was awesome. Robert Pattinson and William DaFoe, both are brilliant actors. Combined with the atmosphere of the Isle, I am sure that we will have a great Halloween movie experience with this one! Nice brief review of the trailer too, it’s good to hear your thoughts!

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