IndieGoGo for DVD plans of The Passenger Horror Short Film, Discount for Kickstarter backers & Importance of physical media!

Why IndieGoGo Crowdfunding now?

After successful funding of our film and reaching enough stretch goals to improve the quality of our horror short film, the campaign on Kickstarter ended and many people suggested us to create an IndieGoGo campaign to make the perks available for a long amount of time. There were people who wanted the film to be on a physical media and not just as a digital download or on YouTube.

Only Till September 30th, 2019!!

Thus, the campaign was created and now it’s live with rewards available till Sept 30th 2019, so, if you or your friends couldn’t get the rewards within the time limit of Kickstarter campaign, now is the last chance!

50% off for Kickstarter backers!!

If you were a Kickstarter backer, now you can upgrade to DVD by supporting on IndieGoGo (DVD Upgrade perk) and get the DVD of the film for 50% off! You get $30 DVD for just $15, no matter what amount you pledged on Kickstarter ($2 to $100- all get a discount). For $30, besides DVD, new supporters on IndieGoGo get IMDb & in-film “Special Thanks” credit, and digital poster of the film!!

Why Physical Media is Important?

The DVD will contain the film in the best HD quality possible on a DVD, and will be loaded with lots of bonus footage and behind the scenes stuff, which will entertain you, help you understand the process of indie film making and know the cast & crew better.

A DVD is a great way to keep the movie with you forever. There’s no need for the Internet to watch it, no fear of file going corrupt, and you can keep it in your collection, gift it to someone. It would make a great addition to your binge watch list of Halloween, birthday or whenever you feel like you need a dose of indie horror in your life! That’s the benefit of physical media.

Need 25 DVDs to be sold! (You Get Refund if the goal is not met and DVDs don’t get made!)

Due to production costs and other reasons we need to get a bulk order. We had a target of 50 but with some arrangement from the manufacturer and some cost reduction, we can now give order for minimum of 25 DVDs. So, in order to create a DVD for all, we need to sell at least 25 DVDs!!

So, we request all the backers to consider upgrading to a DVD, because the discount is huge and you won’t get the DVD at this great price of $15. Those who could not support on Kickstarter, for $30, you not only get the DVD but also get the IMDb & in-film “Special Thanks” credit, Digital Poster along with the DVD. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. By donating funds, you are helping us to improve the quality of the film significantly as the funds go into post production costs and if the DVD goal is reached, it means the film will reach more people. If the goal is not reached and DVDs don’t get made, the amount you support on IndieGoGo will be refunded. If goal isn’t met with those who even purchased the upgrade or non upgrade would be refunded. Because the price was made for that specific product. Otherwise the supporters on IndieGoGo would be able to do Add-Ons. So instead of risking losing out on a perk, they can back the campaign regularly and then do the DVD Perk Add-On.

By donating, or even sharing this article and campaign, you are not just helping us but you are ultimately helping the independent film making industry.

Key Map of REWARDS for Donations (IndieGoGo):-


 $5 – HITCH A CREDIT: Get your name in the film and on

 $8 – DIGITAL POSTER (APR): Get a digital poster so you can print and frame at anytime. Saves on shipping and print cost. Like sending a poster tube.

 $13 – COPY OF MOVIE (APR): Get your own digital copy of the short film.



 $30 – THE PASSENGER T-SHIRT (APR): Wear The Passenger anywhere (Photos Below)



 NEW!! $50 – ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT (APR): Have your name with us as a Producer.

 $100 – THE PASSENGER AWAITS YOU: You Get Everything. The Ultimate Tier.

Risks & Challenges

Risks come with every IndieGoGo. If we encounter delays we are committed to overcoming them, even if it means paying out of our own pocket.

As we have backed many horror projects on Kickstarter & indieGoGo, we understand the situation of a backer. Delivering your rewards will be our priority. Because of our two prominent Podcasts brands- Everything Horror Podcasts and Haunted Vermont, we have a goodwill and brand value in the horror community. Thus, we strive to Stay Scary and Not Disappoint.

Any Questions? Chat with us today!!

We post almost daily on our social media pages to show you the progress we are making on this project. Please check it out below & please contact us for any queries:-

Twitter: @passengerhorror- 

All Important Social Links on LinkTree:-

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, and we understand:

  • Help get the word out.
  • Remember to share the campaign!

About Our Short Horror Film:-

Synopsis:  A skeptic of the paranormal picks up a hitchhiker on a desolate road. We’ve heard the lore but did we miss more to the story? 

Official Trailer:


 Written & Directed by Paul Dulski

Produced by Paul Dulski, Tessa Baker

Special FX’s by Katie Kenworthy

Sound Design by Paul Dulski

Editing by Paul Dulski

Music Composed by White Bat Audio

Art Department Craig Shorey

Starring Jeremy Pratico, Tessa Baker, Jason Lorefice, and Flora Davis.

Official Info Page

Learn more by visiting the short film page.

Set a Reminder for the Sept 1st Trailer:-

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