Fan films like Charles, Silent Hill Requiem show that fans have the power to make a difference!

Remakes and reboots either make things better or kill a franchise, that’s due to the attempt at modernizing the classics with new concepts, talents and direction. That’s why in the article on this site by Tessa, she had mentioned why remake of Child’s Play was frowned upon by Jennifer Tily, the Hollywood actress who played the female doll ‘Tiffany’ in the classics, besides the fans. It is seen in any art form that many artists and fans prefer original concepts (artwork, books, films, music, games, etc.) instead of cash grab sequels or remakes. In this article, we talk about Charles Fan Film by Tony Bizz Films, Silent Hill Requiem by Zenithfilms and overall, the importance of fans and the power they wield!!

 We rarely see a fun remake like the latest Child’s Play but some fans are still not happy about how Chucky looks because of CGI modification and the sci-fi twist to the story. That’s when a talented and passionate team of creators started a campaign for Charles, a Child’s Play non-profit fan film, which has real Chucky doll, minimum CGI, and classic feel with superb modern quality cinematography. We congratulate that the fans have showered their love on the fan film and helped the campaign get fully funded. (2 Days left for rewards!)

Then the case of traumatic Silent Hill franchise, which had a beautiful first film adaptation (despite some issues), but the second one seemed like a film made by someone trying to capitalize on the brand and characters instead of staying true to the Silent Hill 1 & 3 game’s story. That killed any future hope of a Silent Hill movie. Then, Konami killed the hope of any future Silent Hill game, by cancelling much awaited Silent Hills and removing its Playable Teaser (P.T.) from PlayStation Store (PS4). Discussion of the games is important as they were more like interactive movies than games. But to make a Hollywood movie, the game series needs to be alive and appealing.

After the demise of Kojima’s Silent Hills and the removal of its Playable Teaser (P.T.) from the PlayStation Store, there was no hope for a new game. We started getting new games that are very similar to the cancelled masterpiece, like Resident Evil 7, Cry of Fear, and SOMA. There are some fans trying to enhance the classic Silent Hill 2 on PC, as Konami will not port or remaster the games anymore. That’s the power of gaming fans. The actor who played James Sunderland (Guy Cihi) has started a petition demanding Silent Hill 1-3’s remake from the scratch. And there’s even one for “Get Konami to remake Silent Hill 2 for PS5.” Then there’s one called, “Get Konami to create a new Silent Hill game which links all the others together.” So, now you know how desperately we need a Silent Hill in our life again…..

The movie adaptation of Silent Hill 1 was received better than its sequel, Silent Hill Revelation. Maybe due to the mistakes of Revelation were more severe than the first one, for the fans who wanted a screen adaptation true to the Silent Hill canon & story. They didn’t want an action horror which can be enjoyable at times but at the cost of sacrificing the hidden and important meanings behind the symbolism of Silent Hill, like the Pyramid Head and the town itself. What really makes the fans angry is the disregard of the game’s lore and characters by the film makers, just to create something spectacular, but doesn’t follow the rules set by the game it adapts. Now, there is a bleak chance of another official Silent Hill movie, not only because of the fan backlash but also because the game franchise is officially dead and film distributors would need a good reason to consider another movie.

That’s when creators like the UK’s Gareth Morgan of Zenithfilms come into the picture. Gareth has created Silent Hill Requiem as a fan film, which every Silent Hill fan would love to watch, as he’s a gamer himself and has crafted the story and scenes only after studying the lore in detail.A Silent Hill Feature Film Funded by the Silent Hill Community (via IndieGoGo), so there’s the seal of approval. It’s a what if scenario that happens after Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, as James and Heather team up to face the monsters once again. The next movie, Silent Hill Lazarus is also in the making and requires funds, through PayPal (The donors get a copy of the SH Requiem and many other perks depending upon the amount) or through Patreon.

We all love Silent Hill 2 and even feel that it is a cinematic wonder, besides being a gaming wonder. I mentioned it in my article titled “Why we need more games like Silent Hill 2 and significance of multiple endings”. Have you ever felt that Silent Hill 3 would make a great movie? Apparently, there already is a fan film about it on YouTube, which not many people know. The creator doesn’t think that it’s anything special but the fans love it (Judging from the views, likes and comments on YouTube). You can watch the full film here:-

Whether it be a fan film or an innovative unique concepts, sometimes, the best creators are those who are passionate fans of the horror genre, driven by the love of horror as well as will to create something worth watching! That’s why we support original independent creators through our articles, supporting on crowd funding platforms through promotion or monetarily, through donations. To create a unique & never before seen material, we have started making original indie short horror films too, starting with our horror short, ‘The Passenger: A Vermont Urban Legend’, hitting YouTube this Halloween but getting a DVD, IMDb credit, or a digital copy has been made possible through our IndieGoGo till September 30th.

In conclusion, I would like to say that a fan is never alone and in this age of the Internet, that’s truer than ever. Every fan has the power to make a change. Either through creating something or demanding something, no voice goes unheard. So, be a proud horror fan and never underestimate the power of fandom!!!

Feel like checking out and supporting the movies mentioned in this article?

Here are the links to get you a copy of the movies I have mentioned in this article:-

Charles- A Chucky fan film IndieGoGo (Only 2 days left!!)

Silent Hill Requiem Website (Watch the first 13 minutes and get your copy through ‘Donations’ section)

The Passenger IndieGoGo Page (Perks till September 30th, get your DVD, IMdb credit, digital copy today!!)

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