Here is the upcoming issue of STAY AWAKE, Joeys original stage play idea that never was turned into a play. Until, he dusted it off the shelf and made it into a piece of literature.

Now on August 19th it comes to Kickstarter, we can pre-order the next chapter of Dr. Isaac Banks.


Finally here is the cover reveal. Which I find a whole lot better than issue ones cover. There’s more details, than what appears on the original STAY AWAKE.

Cover Art | ‬‪Francesco Iaquinta‬

Artist | ‬‪Adrian Manuel Garcia‬

Story | Colours | Letters ‬‪Joseph Oliveira‬

‪STAY AWAKE #2- A Psychological Horror Comic Series Exploring 3 Haunting Cases.‬

Plot; Isaac Banks, a psychologist is forced to revisit the cases of three of his former patients. When a detective reveals they’ve all died under suspicious circumstances.

Get your missing issues over at ‪‬.

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