“Make a horror survival game in Unity” Udemy Online Course is Great Way to Know the Art of Horror Game Making!

Whether you are a horror fan or a horror game creator, we all can agree on the fact that creating a horror game is nothing short of an art. Ever wanted to know how it is done despite not having any coding skills, but know the name of Unity game developing engine, and have a great gaming PC with good specs? If yes, then, you’re in luck!

With over 2,580 students enrolled so far on the Udemy, online course platform (MOOC- Massive Open Online Courses), Creative Media Tutorials’ course by Mr. Pete Jepson about creating a horror game in the Unity game engine, is one of the most straight forward and trending courses on the Internet, at an attractive Summer Sale price and money back guarantee by Udemy! It contains some free assets like music, 3D scene and of course, the priceless knowledge of knowing the art and science of game design. You will be taught creating a horror game called, “Maniacs” where the protagonist tries to survive an attack by a gang of killers trying to kill him.

Informative Video by Instructor:-

What you’ll learn:

  • Use post processing to create amazing graphics
  • Create a unique horror survival game in Unity 2019
  • Easy to understand coding activities
  • Create intelligent AI
  • Create stealth and combat mechanics
  • Use a custom load screen
  • Create a main menu and options menus
  • Create an interactive inventory menu
  • Mecanim and Timeline based animations

This course includes:-

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • 20.5 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 9 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Description by Instructor:

Do you want to create a professional looking horror survival game in Unity? Well you’ve found the right course. This is aimed at anybody who loves game design and wants to make awesome games.

My name is Pete Jepson and I have taught game design for over 5 years. In this series we will be making a game where your first person character has to try and survive against a gang of maniacs, armed with a variety of weapons

You don’t need previous experience as I will be guiding you through the course step by step, showing you how to make the game and to write the code using C#. I will be giving you interesting assignments throughout to build your experience and knowledge in game design.

You will need a powerful computer to complete this project, so please ensure your computer meets the minimum specifications as displayed on the course home page.

Requirements (PC Specs & Knowledge):-

  • It would be good to have a basic understanding of Unity. You do not need any coding experience as I will cover C# coding in detail
  • The game is very detailed and in order to follow along with the project you will need a fast computer that meets the following minimum specifications
  • PC or Mac with at least a 2.5GHz processor
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • At least 10GB available space on your Hard Drive
  • Video Graphics Card with at least 2GB onboard RAM
  • My computer Specs when creating this tutorial:
  • Windows 10, i7 processor 4GHz, 32GB RAM, Nvidea Geforce 1070 graphics card with 8GB RAM
  • This allows me to get 60fps in the game, however, even at 30fps the game runs fine.

So, what’s in the course?

  • we start by creating the visuals to establish a night time look for the game. Then we will equip the player with a flashlight and a nightvision camera.
  • Then we will move onto lighting the scene to create an interesting aesthetic quality. We will add fog for atmosphere to give it a professional quality look
  • The enviornment map and props are free to download and you can use them in any game you decide to create.
  • We will Add sounds and music to bring the scene to life.
  • Then we will import enemy characters and add walking, running and attack animations using the mecanim animator window in Unity to seamlessly blend between a wide range of motions.
  • We will work on navigation path finding and artifical intelligence, allowing the enemy characters to make their own decisions on where to go and what to do. Once the enemies detect you, they will discover their own different ways to hunt you down!
  • Then we will work on a player inventory menu, displaying which weapons you have picked up. Each weapon has a different strength, speed and noise.
  • Then we will move on to the stealth mechanics, allowing the player to attempt to sneak around the map unnoticed. But the enemies are clever and once they spot you they will go into pursuit mode.
  • This brings us to the combat system, where the enemy will attack you and you can attack them. You will need to choose the right weapon to try and kill the enemies, because they are fast and very strong. If you try and stand and exchange strikes with them you won’t last very long, so strategy is the key to defeating the enemies.
  • We will also be adding a save system so players can save and load their progress between sessions.
  • We finally work on a main menu and in game options such as changing lighting, volume and switching on or off antialiasing and fog, as well as difficulty settings.

By the end of this course you will have a completed horror survival game which you can export out as a finished product. You will have developed the skills, confidence and understanding of how to make your own games in Unity.

This course includes the following free assets:

  • Free horror environment 3D scene
  • Free weapons
  • 6 free realistic animated enemy characters
  • Free sounds and music
  • Free music by Bensound

Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed at anyone who wants to make awesome games in Unity
  • Creative game designers will enjoy the course
  • I make the coding very easy, so it should be fun, even for people who are put off by C# coding
  • All user levels of Unity, from beginners to advanced will learn something from this tutorial
  • There are a range of fun activities to help you make the game your own throughout development

About the instructor:

Mr. Pete Jepson, Game Design Tutor says:-

“I have over 5 years experience teaching game design at a college in the UK. I have a BA (Hons) Degree as well as a teaching degree. I also make my own mobile apps and video games using a range of game engines. 

I like to teach through example projects, embedding theory into dynamic practical activities.”

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