STAY AWAKE #2 Comic Preview

The next installment for Joey Oliveira stage-play to comic adaption, Stay Awake. About Dr. Isaac Banks who has to go back to three haunting tales about his former patients, which all of them suspiciously died while under his care.

This is case #2, which seems to have something to do with a haunted Clown doll. And luckily enough, Joey was kind enough before the kickstarter release to give us all previews of what is to come. And well here’s my thoughts to each image.


This could go two different ways, and I’m aiming toward a possible fact that this man above. IS the little boy in the photo. However he could also have been the father of that little boy, possibly failed him because of that haunted Clown doll. I just think of it like that because of what is to follow.

unnamed (1)

He seems like he’s seen better days for sure, almost like a way of shutting out the real world? Possibly went to see Dr. Isaac Banks for the fact of his haunted clown doll, explaining to him that he’s not just a regular doll. That clown doll could have ruined relationships, not only with a possible wife. But his friends, family. And Isaac Banks, was his way of letting it out. But being alone, isn’t such a great idea.

unnamed (2)

I do however find it odd that this man is sitting with him without any lights it appears. Seems to almost be complete darkness. As mentioned above, it isn’t such a great idea to be alone. Even if this Isaac Banks is somehow responsible, this is a big jump. But if these mysterious people all died under Isaac Banks care, would that mean Dr. Isaac Banks is in fact. Haunted. Himself. And NOT the other three patients.


Finally we are left with one last piece of advice. “Are You Watching Carefully?”

Like I mentioned before and I’ll say it one more time. I definitely love this issue cover more than the original issue. I just felt it’s way more creepier. Atmosphere is on point. And well, the original cover seems to have a too much bright blue as the bed blankets. I’ll also stand by and state one more thing. Stay Awake continues to keep our eyes open.

Be ready August 19th at 10 AM (BST) / 5 AM (EST). Stay Awake #2 Launches on Kickstarter. Stay Awake #1 will be available via Kickstarter, or if you don’t want to wait you can right now purchase Issue One on and make sure to sign up for their newsletter and receive a 10% off code.


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