Spoiler-Free Review of Damon Rickard’s “Eat Me Out (of House & Home) an Enjoyable Short Horror Comedy Film!

A comedy horror where Come Dine With Me meets Carry On Screaming

 Without spoiling, I review Eat Me Out (of House & Home) is a horror comedy short by Raeder Productions’ Damon Rickard, which is 14 minutes long (With credits). It was successfully funded on Kickstarter crowd funding platform in 2018. Coming soon to film festivals and eventually on YouTube. Now, does it give the same amount of thrills as laughs? Please read on to know more!

Official Trailer:-

The short starts with the entire cast playing a word of games and from that moment, we get a taste of things to come. Besides, the truth of the tag “Come Dine With Me meets Carry on Screaming” the short film feels like a reality show Big Brother with Master Chef, and Fear Factors infused with it, but it’s something entirely different than what you’d expect. The name suggests that it’s related to cannibalism, but it’s more traditional than you think. It has homage to reality shows, found footage and even some culinary shows.

The first couple, Jerry (Mac McFadden) & Mariam (Elena Mazzon) and the 2 other couples from the neighborhood compete in a reality show to make and serve their best dishes to win the prize. Now, the interesting part about the film is how it all plays out. The film plays out like a creepy horror reality show where the food seems as scary as the people, and makes you wonder till the end if there’s another supernatural twist? The acting by Mac McFadden & Elena Mazzon is brilliant and creepy without sacrificing the style and royal-like finesse of the couple which almost dominates the film as “host”-like figures. We see vices and get idea of everyone’s personality quite well, thanks to the brilliant writing, direction and screenplay. The character development within first 6 or 7 minutes is way better than what we see from even some horror feature we see in the Hollywood.

The second couple, Mike (Tom Gordon) & Mel (Kat Ronson) is awesome. Mike is the funniest, as seen from the intro. The usual couple quarrels and jokes often see us rooting for Mike, due to some magical charisma he has which makes him like-able in any situation due to the writing and acting of Tom Gordon. Mel has her own charm, as her character is written as more mature of the two, besides brilliant acting by Kat Ronson.

The third couple, Charlie (Tony Sands) & Amy (Sarah Marks) is as cool. The scared face of Charlie is priceless after the meat joke by Amy. Charlie’s character seems like a mixture of Lauren & Hardy and Dr. Watson (from BBC’s Sherlock), thanks to the brilliant writing and acting by Tony Sands.  The Quiche joke parts never feel too hammy, or repetitive, due to the great timings and dialogue delivery. Sarah Marks as Amy plays her part well, especially during jokes and “interview” type of scenes.

(The Quiche is a savoury dish consisting of pastry crust filled with eggsmilk or cream,and cheesemeatseafood or vegetables. Quiche can be served hot or cold. It is part of French cuisine but is also popular in other countries, particularly as party food.)  We learn about such great new terms thanks to this film. Like the character, Mike, we also learn to pronounce it properly. So, you can say that this film is also educational.

As the story progresses, the interactions between all the characters become funnier and even creepier. The interview scenes, where the characters talk to the camera, or sometimes just break the 4th wall and look at us while being annoyed or amused, just feels super cool, and might help keep the audience engaged. The ending feels somewhat abrupt but I am glad it wasn’t as obvious or childish as some movies make it. The direction and editing shows artistic style, which adds to the production value and makes the film more pleasant to watch. Be sure to sit through the credits for during and after credits scenes, which are as creepy and funny as the film itself.

I think this short is a perfect PG-13, because while there’s some minor blood, suggestive jokes, censored (*beep*ed to add comedic effect) swearing words, but no nudity, no sex scenes, no direct violence, and no unnecessary jump scares. It provides a scary and funny entertainment with the brilliant acting, direction and writing that makes it a joy to watch more than once. I hope the creators have plans for a spin off or a sequel, because the cast and concept is brilliant.

Overall, the horror short might seem too short but it’s pretty satisfying. You can see that it focuses on quality and not quantity, as nothing is dragged on till it feels boring. The length almost feels perfect due to the given plot of a dinner invite by creepy new neighbors which could turn out a horrific incident. The film might feel a bit confusing at first but soon, you’ll know what’s really going on. Packed with brilliant acting performances, funny dialogues, unique direction and scares in the end, this short film is a fun watch for horror and comedy fans alike, as not only there is suspense throughout the film but also, the jokes and characters are as loveable!

Coming soon to film festivals and like Tony Sands starer “Echoes of the Passed” – Award Winning Paranormal Horror Film, this will also arrive on YouTube soon.

Connect with the creators:-

Listen to our Interview: Tony Sands | Eat Me Out (Of House and Home) Short Comedy Movie

Eat Me Out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eat-Me-Out-Of-House-And-Home-638085663272552/

Raedar Productions FaceBook:- https://www.facebook.com/raedarproductions

Raedar Productions Twitter:- https://twitter.com/raedarprodltd

Mr. Damon Rickard’s Twitter:- https://twitter.com/The_Modal_Node

Raedar Productions YouTube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6zOhRY4B5NhZCcCqlw-yRQ

Kickstarter legacy page:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/505280824/eat-me-out-of-house-and-home-a-short-film/

Tony Sands Website:http://tonysandsofficial.com

Quiche (Food dish) Wikipedia- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiche

Unrestricted View Film Festival: http://www.uvff.co.uk/

UVHorror Twitter: http://twitter.com/uvhorror

Watch Echoes of the Passed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfD8LVXYDyo

More about the Cast & Crew:-

The Cast

Tom Gordon

Tom is a long term collaborator with Damon having starred in The Tour, The Package and Dissociative. So we’re delighted to have him collaborate once more. He’s a superb talent, annoyingly lovely and well let’s face it, he’s not too hard on the eyes!

Kat Ronson

Kat has appeared in Waterloo Road and Dead Ringers and will be in the upcoming features Innocent Candy and Here Be Dragons. She is also a stand up comic!

Mac McFadden

Mac is an actor and comedian, starring in shorts with Tony such as Echoes of the Passed and The Bench. He has a fantastic dry delivery and we’re sure he’ll keep the laughs coming!

Sarah Marks

Sarah has starred in Kill Kane, The Forbidden Note, Vilaria, Bonded by Blood 2 and Tango One. She also appeared as a student Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Elena Mazzon

Elena is from Italy and can be seen in Anna & Modern Day Slavery as well as the upcoming films Empathy and Dad.

Tony Sands

 Tony is… well Tony. He’s in it. We indulged him.

There will be further cast updates coming over the next two weeks.

The Crew

Producer – Chris Nials

Chris produced Echoes of the Passed and is currently working on a feature project. Chris also runs The London Horror Society. He is also very short.

Director of Photography – Jack Ayers

Having worked with Damon on Stolen, Jack has agreed to come on board to take this vision to the next level. Jack is a very talented cinematographer and will certainly provide the look we want for this film, making it feel a lot more expensive than it really is!

Sound Recording – MIke Chubb

Mike is another alumni from Damon’s projects having worked with him on his own The Package, Rats (Damon was Producer) and Mab (Damon was AD).

Make Up Design – Lucy Clements

Also having worked with Damon on Stolen, Lucy is on board as the head of make up. She will ensure our cast’s looks go with their characters. Its an overlooked skill when it comes to any plaudits a film gets but its an essential part.

Art Director – Freya Espie

Another alumni from Stolen, Freya also worked on the multi award winning short Blood Shed and has just completed work on an up-coming horror feature.

Script Supervisor – Jenn Dale

Jenn is currently in her last year as a film student and has moved here from California. Since being in London she has also been involved with the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival.

Follow the production team on social media…..

Damon Rickard

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/damon_rickard/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/namesy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Modal_Node

Tony Sands


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tonysandsofficial/

Chris Nials (The London Horror Society):-

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/LondonHorrorSoc

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/londonhorrorsoc/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/londonhorrorsoc/

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