“John Carpenters: Tales of Science Fiction: Surviving Nuclear Attack #2” – Comic Review

Donnie, Keith and their friends expected a typical weekend of hunting and drinking and blowing off steam in the woods. Then they ended up lost, injured and locked inside the strange, dark fallout shelter previously inhabited by the participants in some kind of simulated military experiment. Only nobody ever told George Kutter and his family that the bombs never fell, so they were left underground to die, locked away and waiting for further instructions which never came. Until Donnie and his friends found their bodies, that is. Thing is, the shelter is still packed with enough food, supplies and water to sustain a group for a very long time. The power works, along with lights and air filtration to last a nuclear winter. And as this group of frightened, desperate men work to find a way out, they realize there’s more than just the mystery of the Kutter Family’s demise… as the old experiment has begun anew.

Released July 10th. This brand new story has five parts, before getting a trade back. Published by Storm King Comics.

Written by Joe Harris
Art by Cat Staggs
Letters By Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Covers by Cat Staggs
Series created by John Carpenter and Sandy King Carpenter

Jimmy still bleeding out from the fall from last issue. Seems to be babbling about a lady’s presence, saying “she’s here.” Ironically Peter stumbles upon a brochure or a “how to survive”, which features the artwork (sort of) from issue one as well.

What can go wrong, goes wrong. Most shelters are made for a family of four, not five people. Everyone searches top to bottom to find a way out, while outside, seems to be shown as a hit from a nuclear blast. Building shakes knocking everyone around, which leads to no luck for an exit.


Buttons, gauges, now going off about radiation precaution, and first aid. Unfortunately people die in great numbers is the best line for the ending of a moderate build up to what’s to come.

Issue Two takes us right back in, poor Jimmy is all I can say. Makes me wonder of these other people, Bobby and Emily are somehow flashbacks to who these decayed people are. Jimmy was mentioning a she, and well. It could make sense, finding well stocked food and clothing can help. Rationing it though, will be the biggest challenge for the remaining.

“The build up is real.”

Cover Art of Issue #2

Issue #3 Available August 21st

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