“The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan” is the Ghost Ship Movie We Want.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is from the creators of the very popular Exclusive PS4 title, Until Dawn. Supermassive Games are set out to make sure that their story telling is still spot on with difficult choices and well, a good story.

Man of Medan is the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, bringing supernatural horror to the South Pacific. Five friends set sail on a holiday diving trip, with a rumored WWII wreck to find. As the day unfolds, and a storm rolls in, their trip soon changes into something much more sinister. Who will live, who will die? It’s down to you. Can you save them all?

Supermassive Games waste no time, they now bring us a new way of story telling with a horror anthology. Different stories, different choices, different consequences. Man of Medan is just a new example of how well a story can be told, set in WWII era with a mysterious packages that SHOULD NEVER be unchained to keep whatever is going on away from the public. Or at least away from the enemies.

We can play up to five different characters, each one has a different outcome of “haunting’s” on the ship. Which in my own opinion playing with Tessa that’s how we learned that different people see, encounter different type of entities throughout the ship. Like a little example, Alex may encounter someone in a bathroom stall (classic game scare) or if playing as Conrad you may be stalked by a Sailor Pinup Girl.


Moving forward, how could something like “Until Dawn” improve? Well, Man of Medan offers different ways to play. In fact, there’s a total of 3 ways to play Man of Medan. We got the regular solo campaign. For those that like to have “Movie Nights”, well then Movie Night mode is for you. Up to five people can play on the couch, while 2-5 people pick a character to play. And finally we get do a Shared Story, which is playing with your online friend. I can say it’s only allowed you an One Friend, so you can’t play online with 4 other friends to make it five.

Our Curator, much like our therapist from Until Dawn is a nice add. However, I feel he doesn’t hold up well like our good friend Dr. Hill. We don’t really interact like we did, his office doesn’t change and nor does it seem like they “could” have used him. But I guess he’s the collector of the stories throughout The Dark Pictures series.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan offers up a nice story, jump scares that trigger randomly. Like I was mentioning above about different things happening to different characters, jump scares are the same way. So it’s never the same unless you’re playing someone specific. Controls are nice and easy to learn, however when it comes to those heart pounding quick time events that last for 3 seconds or less. I find the game has some hiccups which can lead to your demise because of the possibly frame drops.

Example without giving much away, I was playing Fliss (captain of the dive) and a QTE came and because of the lag and freezing and frame drops, I was instantly not ready to hit that button quick enough. I felt cheated that I exited the game, restarted it, and continued to have the game work in my favor this time around. Same kind of problem happened when I first did a play through, Conrad’s boat escape did the same thing so I was robbed from his death.


Once again Jason Graves puts on a excellent soundtrack for the haunting atmosphere of what’s happening around all these people, especially the bad guys. The graphics alone are just beautifully stunning to the point. Supermassive Games definitely out did themselves, and wait there’s more. When finding these “collectibles”, you can stumble upon one that actually doesn’t relate to the game. But is a preview of what’s in stores next year for the second chapter in the Dark Pictures Series.

My final thoughts is Supermassive Games has taken horror story-driven games into a cool way of interacting with your friends, learning about who you are as a person from your choices. And whether you’re good at keeping them alive, or meeting their untimely demise. If you enjoyed Until Dawn, or are new to the series of this kind of game play. Full sails ahead and go grab yourself some treasure and dive into this masterpiece for years to come. You won’t be disappointed, also keep a sharp eye in the game for clues that hint the next title as well, coming in 2020.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

You can learn more also by visiting the official Dark Pictures website.
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  1. Lots of people doing let’s plays of this, so this is getting attention. I am glad that the horror games are focusing on story as much as the gameplay. A great time to be a horror gamer now 🙂

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