BLAIR WITCH Game is the NEXT Cult Classic Survival Horror

Blair Witch: The Game was released August 30th on PC & Xbox One. Developed by Bloober Team and Published by Bloober Team NA.

First person psychological horror, with a mix of some found footage. Mainly keeping it to the roots of what started it all, and you also have your very own dog named Bullet. Ellis is the name of your character as you join the search team to find the 9 year old missing boy, but it seems the Evil in these woods never quite leave. Especially when someone in the search team mentions the Witch of the woods.


However, it doesn’t really go so smoothly for Ellis, as Bullet is represented as his way of coping with whatever is going on with Ellis. It’s his way of not freaking out, so Bullet has to be around Ellis at all times, to keep him at ease. Which Blair Witch, the game also can be used to affect the game play. Determining how well you treat Bullet, it impacts the game in a huge way. Bullet is your alert system, his growling and senses to warn you that something evil is nearby and also able to find clues to help solve the missing boy case.

Bloober Team keeps you at the edge of your seat, literally. Because once it gets dark in those woods, the real challenge begins within the forest. And it ain’t leaving your side anytime soon.


If you like your first person, survival horror like Outlast. Then look no further, Blair Witch offers intense moments that will grab and not let go until it wants you to feel safe. It’s a must play horror game for all fans old or new of the Blair Witch universe, it should not leave you disappointed and this game isn’t something you want to pass up.

Graphics are smooth, atmosphere with the chilling music adds more heart beats to rack up as you walk step by step, knowing something is watching and lurking before attacking. I just hope Blair Witch comes to Playstation 4, and comes to Nintendo Switch for those people as well. Everyone should have a chance at this game.

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  1. Awesome review. Nice to learn about your thoughts as you don’t provide any biased reviews. I think this game is a long overdue help to the horror genre. I hope the game succeeds commercially and helps horror genre to become more popular!!

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