Spaceship Terror


Don’t sleep on Harry Tchinski‘s Spaceship Terror. This is a great concept for a production set in space. It sets apart from the majority of space movies that usually feature blood-thirsty creatures, such as aliens and other monsters. On the same token…isn’t that what you’d expect to be in space? Well, if you stick to historical counts that have been branded on audiences since the beginning.

But, in cinema entertainment, there is always room for interpretation, creativity, and imagination. Art takes many forms, which is why cinema entertainment will never fade away. In Spaceship Terror, Tchinski takes us deep into the trenches of a spaceship, but what you’d expect to be lurking around the corner, is probably something you haven’t thought of. Add on a very brutal game of Cat-And-Mouse, and you have an entertaining cinematic experience.

The violence and gore is everything. With Jay Wesley Cochran as ‘Captain Terror’; his acting experience aside, he was a great choice for this role, which is a heavy focus of the events that spiral, and on heavy rotation. The film doesn’t linger in unnecessary places for long, and gives just enough time inhale before the next hair-raising scene.

Spaceship Terror is a nailbiter!

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