Nicholas Michael Jacobs Films’ “Tales From Six Feet Under” – Official Series Teaser Released & Plot Revealed!!

We had posted about the exciting news of the independent horror film creator, Nicholas Michael Jacobs creating a web series for Amazon Prime, after the debut film about misuse of live-streaming called ‘Night’ (2018) and the recent never before seen urban horror anthology, ‘Urban Fears’ (2019).

Not a lot was known last week but now, we have a really intriguing HD Teaser of it, more cast and the plot has been revealed too. Please check out the Teaser and plot synopsis below, along with other useful links!

Tales From Six Feet Under – Official Series Tease [HD]:

Plot Outline:

Follow the Visitor through the graveyard and find out how these extremely unlucky people ended up six feet under.

Stars revealed so far:  Brian JacobsGianna Jacobs, & Nicholas Michael Jacobs

One of the earliest screenshots:

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Twitter of Nicholas Michael Jacobs

IMDb Page of the Series

Check out the Amazon Prime Page of This Anthology! (Click Here)

TICKETS of Urban Fears Premiere! ————–>Urban Fears Movie Premiere, Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Address:- Landmark’s Ritz Five214 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA. (SOLD OUT)

Urban Fears Info:

  • 3 slasher horror tales set in an urban area (Each 20-30 minutes long)
  • Each Tale has its own slasher (killer) & one protagonist!
  • Bigger cast than Night 
  • Much bigger production value
  • Shawn C. Phillips has joined the cast!! (Shawn C. Phillips is an actor and producer, known for Dead Ant (2017), Ghost Shark (2013) and Girls Gone Dead(2012)… Check out his IMDb)
  •  Inspired by the style of Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt.

Night Movie Info:

A great indie horror movie made with a very low investment by Nicholas Michael Jacobs and it’s his debut movie. It’s about the misuse of Live streaming, kidnapping and why we should be more aware of our surroundings while using our mobile phones.

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‘Night’ Movie Review- A Serial Killer Who Live Streams!

Trailers of the past films:

Urban Fears (2019):

Night (2018):

Get to know more about Nicholas Michael Jacobs:

Interview: Nicholas Jacobs | NIGHT :-

YouTube Channel of NMJ Films

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