Horror Comic Review – John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight Vol 5 Anniversary Edition Published by Storm King Comics

From the mind of John Carpenter, the man who brought you the cult classic horror film Halloween and all of the scares beyond, and the heart of writer, editor, producer Sandy King comes 12 more twisted tales of terror, tricks, and treats. In volume 5 of the award-winning graphic novel series, they bring together another stellar ensemble of storytellers from the worlds of movies, novels, and comics for another spine-tingling collection of stories that will haunt you. Each story is a standalone surprise that captures the essence of fright night. We dare you to read it all the way to the end. If you get too scared, remember, it’s only a comic. It’s only a comic… or is it? Happy Halloween.

Creators Include:

John Carpenter, Sandy King, Jaime Carrillo, Elena Carrillo, Darick Robertson, Tony Avina, Amanda Deibert , Cat Staggs, Mike Sizemore, Chandra Free, Steve Kilpatrick, Duane Swierczynski, Jason Felix, Kealan Patrick Burke, Luis Guaragna, Sian Mandrake, James Ninness, Guy Dorian Sr., Bill Sienkiewicz, Arif Prianto, Frank Tieri, Andy Price, David J. Schow, Gustavo Vazquez, Ross Campbell, Sara Richard, Steve Niles, Nat Jones, Trevor Denham, Tim Bradstreet and Nick Percival.
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Cover by Tim Bradstreet

Official Trailer:

Spoiler-free Review:

This comic book featuring a satisfying 202 pages of colorful and meticulously detailed 12 horror stories which are bound together by pages of a strong eerie narration that would make any cat lover happy besides making you wonder about the human life, and the life afterwards. It’s difficult to have a comic book the same effect of a horror movie or novel due to the limited means of expression, but this horror comic book truly delivers the thrills and entertainment rivaling horror novels and even some horror movies thanks to the beautiful art, engaging dialogues and interesting characters that keep you looking forward to the next story.

 Every story has a unique art and writing style yet, they all have the similar horror themes which make them bound together. While there’s no explicit violence or nudity directly shown, the horror itself can be quite disturbing as it deals with human afterlife, unknown world of spirits and at times, human morality.

Without spoiling, I would try to describe each tale that would give you a glimpse of what to expect from this book.

1) Bastet’s Journey (Interstitial parts):

 This is a very interesting, vague and creepy narration that binds the stories together and allows a different “what if” take on human life and afterlife, the cats are cute too.

2) Dead Man Walking:

 A dead man who was murdered and buried without any last rites tries to steal a fancy coffin from a funeral. Will he succeed? This was a great horror comedy start to the comic book and helps you to have a light moment before the level of disturbing tales keeps increasing.

3) Lambs:

Merriweather, a town with a curfew for women and kids to protect them starts to see the terrorizing incidents happen again. What is the dark secret of this town? This was the first disturbing tale that is a good take on the element security and society.

4) Cast:

Two video creating girls struggling to get the views try their luck by singing an ancient magical song which summons an ancient girl who becomes a part of their life. Through her magic, everything becomes possible but at what cost? I think this was a great tale which reminded me of Sabrina cartoon and for those who play guitar, you get a free music sheet for the song to play it yourself (Do it at your own risk though)

5) When seen last:

 Two couples get their holiday at a cabin in the woods ruined by having two strange men asking for help to find a lost kid in the woods. Can they find the kid or get in trouble? This is a great twist to the cabin in the woods tale as the action takes place outside the cabin.

6) Andromeda:

A girl always looking at her phone starts receiving weird text messages and calls. The world around her starts to say weird things. Who or what’s behind all of this? It is a nice take on the technology and how it can be a medium for the paranormal.

7) The Byrds:

A couple finds a nice home but the bank won’t allow them to purchase it unless they can prove their worth by living in the house first. The story’s narration reminded me of Conjuring 2 opening, also there’s some message about protecting our environment too, which shows how good we are at wasting resources.

8) Ghosts of the Steeplechase:

 A rich businessman buys a haunted circus with a dark past and tries to demolish it so that he can make condos over there. Can he succeed in his goal? The humor at the start featuring a selfie addict and a chips eater was great and the story unfolds in the ways you’d expect.

9) I hate the light:

A couple and their friend go out camping in the woods and soon meet a stranger who babbles weird stuff. Afraid, they make their way to the city nearby… The safety of being in the city and the attachment of human soul is the interesting subject here. This story makes you re-read it from the start once you finish it as the ending is the most shocking and psychologically disturbing horror comic ending I have seen yet. Almost rivals the horror movie “Skeleton Key” and “Silent Hill”.

10) The absolute last Halloween Horror Night:

A theme park prepares for the Halloween night and the performers take their places to scare an audience that’s too familiar with the horror tales to be afraid anymore. There are some pranksters who try to harass the performers while doing their job. The story shows the importance of providing dignity to theme park workers and also, consequence of abuse.

11) Gathered:

A man finds an audio recorder with a voice clip which shows us the story of a girl taking on the challenge of living in a deserted house in the forest and her walk in the woods. The story’s art is more like sketches and might be to show that the story is the visualization in the mind of the man who’s listening to it.

12) Roadside Cross:

A horrific accident takes the life of a biker and he’s buried on the location of the accident. A few days later, a guy from a car observes the helmet that’s on the grave and steals it for personal use. The story shows why it’s not good to steal from the dead…

13) The Storm:

This is the final story that’s a fitting send off to the horror comic book as we get to know that not all spirits or ghosts are trying to harm but some are like guardian angels. The art style is like a scrapbook from a traveler, which complements the uniqueness of it.

14) Pinups:

3 awesome artworks with horror theme delight you in the end.

15) Biographies of the team:

It’s a great way of knowing about the team behind this masterpiece.

Like Sandy King said in the introduction, similar to an assorted chocolate box, this comic book is truly one of the best assorted horror tales which you can read on Halloween and treasure it with you like a classic. It teleports you to the many intriguing worlds created by this book making it a pleasure to read every time you pick it up. Highly recommended even if you’ve never read a comic before, as this will make you a fan of the genre and of course, of John Carpenter & Storm King Comics.

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