“The Monster Pact: Wasteland” – Book Review

The Monster Pack: The Wasteland
A Novel by Stacy Cox aka StaceMeister0
Original Publication Date: August 28, 2019 Re-Publication Date: August 31, 2019

A group of young misfits band together and form The Monster Pack, a group of mediocre vigilantes, who unwittingly become neighborhood watchmen and fight crime.
In The Wasteland, the Pack faces-off against ruthless drug lord Mr. X. and his henchmen, and the legendary Grotesque in the Town of Serafin Falls.

Meet The Kids
Nicholas “Nick” Holland, age 16
Aubrey “Bree” and Audrey “Dee” Ambrose, age 16
Gabrielle “Gabi” Romano, age 16
Jacqueline “Jacky” Ingram, age 17
Jayson “Jay” Stanley, age 17
Colin Barrow, age 16

Meet The Superheroes
NickSMASH, The Human Boulder
Ravage+Savage, The Twins of Death
GabiAMBUSH, The Vigilante
JackyBOMB, The Human Bomb
JaySPARROW, The Ninja
ColinDUST, The Super-Soaker

Meet The Villains
Marsh Man (Melvin Marsh)
Mole Man (Kevin Knoll)
Dark Widow (Anastasia Wydow)
Seven Shadow a.k.a. “The Shadow” (Johnny Chadow)

Soul Drawer (Sven Soulle)
Grotesque (Virgil Grotek)
Fun Fact: The Monster Pack: The Wasteland is the first in a series of works. Stacy Cox presents The Monster Pack Universe.

REVIEW: Stacy gives us a “Monster Pact” of an experience that is refreshing, fun to read. As much as I’d love to say I finished the book, I actually haven’t yet. I’d prefer to hold the copy in my hands, rather than reading it digitally anyways. But that’s just me. Sometimes I like it short digitally, but trust me. Wasteland brings you enough action and gore to last you until the next chapter or should I say adventure? Possibly more fitting, Nightmare.

It’s a nice read (from what I’ve read), but it seems Stacy knows what the horror genre needs for a more in your face type of attitude. Make sure to check out The Monster Pact: Wasteland.

The Monster Pack: Soul Island
A year has passed since the Pack faced-off against Mr. X., but now the time has come to answer to the big boss, SinTao.

In the Town of Serafin Falls, the Soul Drawer is back, and he’s more powerful than ever. It’s up to the Pack to end the Soul Drawer’s reign and save the town before it becomes the island of lost souls.

Introducing new characters…
Jackson “Jack” Hyde – JackSPADE
Jazmin “Jaz” Hyde – JazBLADE
Samantha “Sam” Hawk – SamTECH

Purchase: StacyLand
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