Outlast Review

There’s a very few games out there that keep my attention, but Outlast was one of those games that kept me hooked from the beginning.

Outlast was made by the makers of Red Barrels and was released on September 4th 2013. It’s a survival horror game and can be found on Playstation 4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch and many other gaming platforms.

The game takes place in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado where a freelance investigative journalist gets an alarming email describing all the disturbing experments going on at the Mount Massive Asylum. Unannounced to him he finds out that the Asylum has been over ran by all of the psychos that reside there.

What I think makes this game interesting and fun is all the heart pounding action you indore on your journey to escape. Not knowing what’s around every corner and not sure if your gonna have to run away for your life really sends your heart pounding for more and thats what I think makes this game alot of fun.

The things that could make this game better is having a way to destract some of the psychos like Richard Trager or Chris Walker so the audience playing the game wont loss interest when it gets to the hardest parts of the game like starting the generaters or escaping the sewers.

Other then that reason I set this horror survival game in my top 5 games list. I enjoyed it alot it kept me wanting more and wanting to know how it all ends. I recommend this game for all those horror survival game fanatics out there and if your looking for a short moment of adrenalin rush this is a game for you.

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  1. I have this one on Steam! I agree with you. This is definitely a must own for any horror fan, as it’s like an interactive movie or feels like a POV film with us being the protagonist! Nice review, Tristino!! Looking forward to more such reviews!


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