Revolutionary Horror Anthology ‘Urban Fears’ now coming to FEARnyc Film Festival on Oct 27th 6pm at Film Noir Cinema

After a successful premiere in Philadelphia, USA, now the indie horror anthology is ready to thrill the film festival audiences in NYC, because Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ revolutionary horror anthology Urban Fears is coming to FEARnyc 2019 on October 27th 6pm at Film Noir Cinema!

Official Trailer:

FEARnyc describes the film anthology as:

Made by a recent high school graduate with a cast of middle school and high school actors on a $1,000 budget, FEARnyc presents the film festival premiere of Urban Fears, a modern horror reminiscent of the rough and raw style of Larry Clark’s Kids. It’s representative of a young new voice in horror and demonstrates the creative possibilities of making a feature film with little more than the people and items around you.

Showings – select to order tickets:Sun, Oct 27th, 6:00 PM @ Film Noir Cinema

  • Runtime:70 minutes
  • Language:English
  • Director:Nicholas Michael Jacobs
  • Screenwriter:Nicholas Michael Jacobs

More About FEARnyc 2019:

Featuring more than 60 films and events plus a tribute to iconic producer Debra Hill

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Individual tickets to screenings and panels are $15. Some events such as Opening Night and Tingler 2.0 are $20.

Check out the FEARnyc Page of Urban Fears to know more and get tickets too: Click here!

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Urban Fears Horror Anthology Feature Spoiler-Free Review: 3 Stories with a Unique Urban Setting and Horror!

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