HAUNT (2019)

This is one film I wished I’d skipped the reviews on. So many people praised this movie as being one of the scariest movies of the year. I got excited about the hype of it all. I finally watched it and was disappointed.

I avoided watching trailers. I find that to be a very good and necessary strategy in cinema entertainment. With so many overlapping subjects coming about, it’s best to not have any expectations at all.

Just to be clear; overlapping subjects is not a bad thing, and in no way at all am I bashing it. Each work of art is its own individual imaginative creation. But there is a such thing as overhyping a movie.

A movie can go down in history as being too violent or too brutal or too gory. A movie can never go down in history as being TOO SCARY. As I repeat from my previous post of Midsommar; “Scary is individual perception”.

Haunt has a promising premise with a mediocre execution. When the action is amped up, it’s great. When it slows down… it’s boring. There are some scenes that could have been left out and it still would have been good.

And…that you will find with some movies. While backstories are nice a lot of times, some times backstories just aren’t needed. Backstories are needed when the film needs further explanation. Haunt is not a film that needs further explanation. It’s crude and simple.

And, sometimes, crude and simple is great. That is what we need sometimes to get away from the complicated, psychological jigsaw puzzles some directors and filmmakers throw at us. Sometimes, we don’t want to work our brains. We just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good movie.

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