I kind of went into this blindsided. I saw previews and read the synopsis, but I avoided reading any reviews, intentionally, because I did not want to be disappointed. A lot of times, people hype up movies, and it leaves me expecting perfection. I am glad I chose this route with Midsommar.

Ari Aster delivers an exceptional tale about a mysterious community that, much to the dismay of newcomers, happen to be a nightmare in the making. But…that all depends on individual perceptions.

From an external point-of-view, Midsommar is absurd and preposterous. Upon close observation at the internal traditions and morals, one may open their mind if they so choose. It really is all about a way of life. And there are so many ways of life.

The world is diverse. This, we already know. So many diverse planets, races, cultures, customs, religions, etc. And each with their own individual characteristics. Who is to say which one is ‘right’?

Following watching Midsommar, I proceeded to read the reviews on IMDb, and I notice one reviewer saying that this movie “isn’t horror; it’s not even scary”, and I couldn’t help but to get agitated. People tend to get “Horror” and “scary” mixed up. They are NOT the same thing.

HORROR is a broad genre…and “scary” is more individual perception. What is scary to someone may not be scary to someone else. Just like anything else, “scary” is highly personal and opinion-focused.

Midsommar is a slow-burn Horror film. Yet, my only reservations are that the story isn’t explained in its entirety. There is a very brief understanding of the madness, and while some films can get away without a backstory, this is one film that desperately needs deeper explanation and understanding.

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