Into The Dark: Uncanny Annie

Director Paul Davis delights us with another addition to Blumhouse and Hulu’s original Into The Dark franchise. Blumhouse has brought quite an entertaining world to the Horror genre with Into The Dark, which is an anthology of films that correlate with the holidays, and each story is unique and chilling.

Uncanny Annie takes the premise of a killer board game and morphs it into an innovative product. This is a prime example of digging deep into the imagination to create an original work of art.

The story of Uncanny Annie is an intriguing one that could use more explanation as far as the antagonist, Annie, is concerned. She is the heart of the subject here as the story morphs into this deep mystery.

Writers Alan Bachelor and  James Bachelor creates a stunningly suspenseful story, but then kinds of leaves us with a cliffhanger. I am interested to see if the story will continue into a sequel. Or maybe even a prequel that tells Annie’s story. On the same token, cliffhangers aren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes we want to know more, but in most cases, more isn’t always good. Sometimes the film is perfect where it stands.

Karlisha Hurley does an exceptional job at the portrayal of Annie, who is a strong antagonist that brings about differing emotions being she is youthful. She looks to be between the ages of 10 and 12 in the movie, and films revolving child antagonists hold a different level of morality.

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