“Tomb of the White Horse” – Comic Review

As a blizzard descends upon a remote distribution center, a mysterious package is delivered. The three man night crew will be witness to unspeakable horrors born from within the TOMB OF THE WHITE HORSE.

Snow falls, tensions rise, and the presence of this package pulls the crew closer to the abyss of insanity. Blood will be spilled, sacrifices made, and by dawn humanity will be privy to what lies within THE TOMB.

Let’s first talk about how these people reached their Kickstarter goal and made this unique, well drawn, well told story to life.

Sometimes when we work for specific companies, we have rules and regulations to follow. However these type of situations can come back and well, destroy ourselves from within. These poor night shift people became the victims of the start of the end. Becoming insane, driving them to be suicidal and worse, opening a tomb that would set the world off to begin possibly the end of all days.

The apocalypse is real and is about to throw down, Tomb of the White Horse is just getting started. I’m interested to learn more, and anxious for their next issue. Everyone involved I feel outdid themselves to bring something fresh to the table, it’s hard to really find that piece of literature that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, and leaves you wanting more. That’s what Tomb of the White Horse will do to your insides. Leaving you insane and wanting blood.

In conclusion, Tomb of the White Horse is preparing to bring us a thrill with some nice old fashion cannibal licking juices. With some sprinkles, with a full on meal. You don’t want to miss this one! Right now, it will be available next month digitally and physically. But make sure to Follow Ian Mondrick for more updates.

If you need more comics in your life with great art, story, colors and more. Tomb of the White Horse is a must have in your collection. Are you ready for more? Keep up to date by following everyone involved.

Ian Mondrick (Writer) @ian_face

Benjamin Filby (Artist) @baefilby

Lesley Atlansky (Lesley) @latlansky

Zakk Saam (Letters) @zakksaam

Danny Lore (Script Editor) @weredawgz

Kim Myatt (Cover Design) @ysvyri

Tony Keaton (Special Thanks) @tonyohaste

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