“Slaughterhouse Farm #1” – Comic Review

Frankie thought her weekend in the wilds of Snowdonia with a minibus full of troubled teens couldn’t get any worse. And then she met HIM. Blood. Death. Pigs. If she makes it out alive, life is never going to be the same again.

Slaughterhouse Farm is a blood-soaked homage to the grindhouse horror classics of the 70s and 80s with a North Wales twist. Created by horror fans for horror fans, this comic does not pull its punches.

Written by Matt Warner and AJ Ballard.
Art by Arfon Jones.
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

I wanna first notice the interesting way they did the beginning narration, it’s a “murder” waiting to happen. Black and white colors, very interesting choosing, especially when trying to bring the 80’s Horror Vibes. And well this family vacation is going to end badly. Not to mention the roadside entertainment show they stumbled on, poor pig.

First rule in horror, NEVER stay behind at least have someone or few others with you. You could always end up with a tire jammed hand, or possibly split in half. Rule number two, don’t go have sexs in the woods. It will be the last time for a good time. I’ve noticed to that this “Mindless Monster”, likes shiny things and well. Pigs, especially calling everyone “Piggy”. I wonder what’s so fascinating to him with shiny objects.

My final thoughts for the first issue of Slaughterhouse Farm is the narrations are great, I really liked how it played out within the universe. Horror elements are timed perfectly, getting that nice nostalgic feeling. I just hope these families don’t end up in pig pens. The black and white colors actually work great, however it could have been cool to see these pages color to make it pop more. However, coloring can save on cost with comics.

Stay tuned for the next issue review, and hopefully you’ll also check this series out as well. It’s definitely for mature readers, so make sure you don’t have a child trying to scope out what you’re reading.


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