Sometimes trailers have an excellent marketing strategy, such as the case with Tate Taylor‘s Ma. It presented a strong emphasis on a focal character that undoubtedly held great mystery and intrigue. This gave the film an elevated hype. So many curiosities and questions lingering about this movie – specifically – this character.

Sue Anne, who is sometimes referred to as “Ma” (Octavia Spencer) because she displays a naturalistic motherly demeanor, is a strong protoganist-antagonist in this movie. There are so many different things going on with her, and she possesses multiple personalities, seamlessly adapting each personality to the circumstances dealt to her.

The premise to Ma starts off strong, but becomes comical as the story and events unfold. People have different ways of coping with things that happen to them over time. Some people never really let go and cope. Sometimes justice is due even though reasoning would attempt to detour that path. Other times the forgive and forget method can save a world of heartache and headache.

Sue Ann is one character that takes her pride strongly, and she won’t settle for “forgive and forget”. So, she waits until years – decades – later to reap her revenge. This is not the comical part. Its the terrible, but minor and humoristic event that caused her emotional turmoil, that is…comical. I know, that sounds so confusing, but for the sake of not spoiling the movie, watch it and you will understand.

Ma is entertaining and engaging in its humoristic phases. It has a slow build with suspense and mystery lingering. Some scenes have an eerie vibe because Sue Ann gives off a creepy demeanor, all the while maintaining a normal, cool person vibe. Very conflicted in her feelings, but not confused on where she stands at all. It’s all an elaborate and well-thought out plan.

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