“Slaughterhouse Farm #2” – Comic Review

A ‘tongue in cheek homage to ’70s grindhouse nasties like The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre set in modern day North Wales.’

Slaughterhouse Farm is a blood-soaked homage to the grindhouse horror classics of the 70s and 80s with a North Wales twist. Created by horror fans for horror fans, this comic does not pull its punches.

Written by Matt Warner and AJ Ballard.
Art by Arfon Jones.
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

We continue from where the first issue left off on, sort of. There seems to be something more going on within this farm, it seems the farmers have been kidnapping hikers to use for breeding stock. But one thing sure caught the eye of Stevie, it was a photo with the now insane farmer. Wife and child? Could this be some sort of way of getting back his family? It’s also seems there’s some Frankenstein experiments going on, and I’m talking part humans, part pig going on.

Seems more and more are trying to find a way to survive, while others have other things on their mind. It’s the greatest example of being “young and dumb”, and Slaughterhouse Farm from Hellbound Media UK are hitting it with a lead pipe to the head (literally). More innocents are being slaughtered, and more of the mysterious farmer is coming into the light to understand what is going on exactly.

This black and white little comic series is still fresh and indeed a fun read, especially the artists and writers way of narrations. Sometimes you just have to manifest, and well just throw out the thought. Whether you agree or disagree.

Slaughterhouse Farm #2 is continuing to make a great name for itself, and whelp a fun, disturbing read at it’s best. The question is, will you join the fun?


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