“John Carpenters: Tales of Science Fiction: Surviving Nuclear Attack #4” – Comic Review

Releasing November 6th. This brand new story has five parts, before getting a trade back. Published by Storm King Comics.

Written by Joe Harris
Art by Cat Staggs
Letters By Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Covers by Cat Staggs
Series created by John Carpenter and Sandy King Carpenter

Alright if you need a refresher, we continue off from Issue #3. Inside where reality or make believe is ruining these friends lives, few are dead and now there on the hunt for an escape out of a 1956 shelter. Finally we get to know more about the bunker, it’s what I figured from last issue with the way of the flashbacks and reality.

Everything is falling apart, everyone is freaking out. No one can seem to get a grip on themselves, and finally it’s all coming to a complete stop. Project ALM– is one thing, but the idea behind this bunker, test subjects are the way of seeing how strong and what people are capable of. Whether they can withstand the test, or become lost and insane to lose themselves and become violently.

Sample Page from Issue #4

This is a right in your face action packed comic. Everything we needed to know to confirm what is real and what isn’t is all inside. Whether you knew (like myself) or not, the fact of the matter is people’s insanity. What can we do to withstand something that has been implanted since the original crew, and what can be done to end this situation.

Second to last issue, it all comes to a end in the next issue.

Cover Art from Issue #4.

“It’s like losing insanity within these thin walls.”

Issue #5 December

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