FEARHOUSE360 Brings the Haunts to YOU

FEARHOUSE360 features a distinct combination of live action performance, animation, and puppetry. Within the walls of the manor, viewers engage with 24 performers in intimate and shocking encounters. This performance driven environment offers that human touch you experience in a traditional haunted house; even if the humans in question are hungry ghosts, demons, or killer clowns.


360 videos are becoming the next “HOT” thing on the web, you can literally take a phone, tablet and PC to view the experiences. However it seems a lot better to wear a pair of goggles that hold your device in your face to really feel like you’re in the atmosphere that’s presented to you. (See video above for more information)

When Virtual Reality (VR) devices launched, it brought a whole new way to explore video games, movies and well other things. It was just a matter of time before things got a little more realistic. VR or now 360 videos can really make you feel at home, well maybe not if in a world like FEARHOUSE360, but that’s all part of the show.

Upon viewing it seems like a really cool way to have fun and get the spooks on for Halloween, which is just right around the corner. Why not bring the horrors right to you instead of traveling far to reach your destination, at least at home you can lock your doors and windows. Because you could always be the next one to vanish out of thin air.


“We were inspired by cult classics like Ken Russel’s Gothic and The Rocky Horror Picture Show – stylish, eerie and of course, a touch campy,” says Stacy Dawson Stearns, a lead creative on the team (who also inhabits the role of Frau Klunch). Stearns developed persona Klunch in the 90’s, performing in the downtown drag scene of NYC. Stearns states, “Frau is a little demanding, a little dark, and definitely starving for your… attention.”

The first Stave or chapter is now available for streaming with the following two being released during the lead up to Halloween. Rent the entire series now for $5.99 and stream all three Staves (Plus bonus materials!) throughout the Haunting Season and beyond.


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