Smiling Woman Full Short Horror Film & Review: Perfect portrayal of the fear of unknown and apparitions!

You might feel that having 3 minutes isn’t enough to scare anyone but the film maker Alex Magaña has succeeded in delivering the frights that even a 2 hour movie sometimes struggles to deliver. The Smiling Woman barely has four or so scenes but the acting by both actresses, direction by Alex Magaña , sounds by Jonathan Romero and production quality rivals that of mainstream cinema. Here’s our quick review that tells you why it is a must watch!!

 The short film starts off with the protagonist lady waiting on a train station at around 1 am when she starts getting texts from unknown number and if that wasn’t enough, a creepy smiling woman appears out of nowhere. With no person around to help her, can the protagonist escape the situation? The story progresses well and while the ending leaves much to the imagination, it works in favor of the film as you are not disappointed by any sort of ending which you may dislike.

The body language and smile of the smiling woman portrayed by Merlynda Sol is genuinely frightening. The way she moved down from the stairs reminded me of Silent Hill nurses. The acting by the protagonist felt natural and real. Acting is often seen as an easy task but it’s not easy to act frightened without looking fake or funny but Ariel Fullinwider has performed perfectly.

 With just about 3 minutes to spare and short film available to watch for free on YouTube, you have no excuse to not watch it. It is highly recommended to horror fans as well as horror film makers to see a well made horror short film that feels like homage to the Grudge, Silent Hill and everyone’s fear of seeing an apparition when alone.

Cast & Crew:

“Smiling Woman” Horror short film made for the Artlist Horror Film Contest.


Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña

1st AD. Sound Mixer. Grip – Jonathan Romero


Smiling Woman – Merlynda Sol

Girl – Ariel Fullinwider

Watch the Full Short Film here:

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Connect with the title role star Merlynda Sol:

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Connect with Ariel Fullinwider:

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Watch the 5th Short Film here-

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