Nefarious (2019) Review: A Home Invasion Horror Thriller Feature Film that entertains and surprises you in unpredictable ways!

Sometimes, you have to turn to crime. Sometimes, it turns on you…

Nefarious means “a wicked or criminal activity” is a fitting title to the film as the film starts off as a crime thriller but ends up being wickedly thrilling horror movie. In this spoiler-free review we tell you why this award winning movie by Ash Mountain Films Ltd. is a unique blend of horror thriller that’s unlike any you have seen before.

Official Synopsis:

When four misfits from the wrong side of the tracks decide to break into a large house on the outskirts of town, they get more than they bargained for and will be tested to their limits in a desperate attempt to survive a predator of monstrous proportions.
“Nefarious” is a home invasion horror/thriller with a twist, drawing on the socio-economic divide and tapping into our distrust of the “other”.

Official Trailer:

Spoiler Free Review:

We see the entire cast struggling with their lives or having some sort of problem to deal with. There’s protagonist Darren and his girlfriend Lou and a female friend Jo along with another guy Mas who live together.  They’re all struggling to get their ends meet. Then we see Clive, a man with special needs who is under the care of his elder brother, Marcus. Clive and the protagonist work at the same place. There’s a lot of character development and the story is interrupted by the interrogation scenes in which we see two Detectives from the Police Department who are investigating a crime, the nature of which is revealed in the end. From the poster and the synopsis, it is clear that the burglary is a big theme here and that’s exactly where the thrills start. It’s thrilling to know what happens next and whether they succeed in their objective of getting their debt paid off with such criminal act that ‘turns on them’ as they find themselves trapped in the home and being watched by someone unknown.

This 79 minutes film is not just about the horror or thrills, it also shows the struggle of those who are indebted, consequences of drug addiction, effect of broken dreams on a person and of course, trouble faced by people with special need at workplace.  The film doesn’t have any filler scenes and each scene has some input to the story or character development. The climax and ending will leave you thrilled because there’s a lot of new information given at the end which is not easy to predict. That’s one of the best writing and screenplays I have seen from a film.

   The movie is unpredictable in many aspects and that’s why it works so well. At first I thought that it’s a crime thriller and I was happy about that too, because the investigation scenes and Tony Sands’ performance reminded me of BBC’s Sherlock. But when the film started taking a bit creepy turn, I was assured that this is indeed a horror film that’s pretty shocking and entertaining when you least expect it to be. As a horror fan, it will surprise you in good ways near the end. It provides thrills that very few modern horror films can execute.

  Direction by Richard Rowntree , music and production values are of high quality despite being entirely funded with Kickstarter crowd funding platform. Every character has been given some gray shade and the cast has performed the roles with expertise.

Darren played by Buck Braithwaite grows on you and despite being a gray shaded hero, the acting makes the character likeable, especially near the end. Jo is played by Abbey Gillett nicely, with some humor of complicated relationship with Darren. Lou was a surprisingly strong performance with many shades as portrayed by Nadia Lamin. Mas played by Omari Lake-Pottinger has less part but makes you chuckle and like him. Marcus played by Toby Wynn-Davies has done well in the complicated role given to him, and that’s due to the experience and skills. Clive was a difficult role to play as the special needs person need to be acted in an appropriate way while maintaining the dignity of the actor as well, and in this task Gregory A Smith has succeeded with flying colors. Jon Vangdal Aamaas as Arick was pretty well played as you become suspicious of the character and that works in favor of the film’s surprise element. Jack the loan shark has been a powerful performance by Matt Wignall. Tony Sands performed the serious role of DCI Matheson well and Emma Feeney as DCI Brinks was effective in the scenes. They both will make you look forward to the interrogation scenes which are as intense as the scenes from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Special effects and make-up are natural and disturbingly realistic when needed. There’s a lot of gore and blood for slasher horror fans.

   Nefarious is a rare horror film that combines the horror genre with drama and harsh realities of life. Combined with the brilliant performances of the cast and crew, this film not only entertains you but also leaves you on an unpredictable high note. If you like horror films, crime thrillers along with surprise, drama and light humor then this is the right film for you. It’s a film you might underestimate before you have started watching it but will leave you satisfied and thrilled once it’s over.

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