“Slaughterhouse Z #1” – Comic Review

A secret genetic experiment has combined the DNA from a hulking serial killer, with a brutal breed of pig, to create a terrifying hybrid monster. “Porker X” quickly escapes from the secret lab where he was created and, alongside his prototype hybrids, wastes no time in carving a swathe of carnage throughout the Welsh countryside. It gets worse. The dead are rising, hungry for flesh, and Porker X leads this Army of the Porcine Dead in their unstoppable slaughter!

Caught up in the terror are brides-to-be Roxy and Serenity, enjoying a bit of seclusion, sex, and steampunk erotica, on the night before their big day. However, when Porker X turns his undead eye on their cabin, these two will have to fight for their lives. Can they survive or will it be a Wedding Day of the Dead?

“Slaughterhouse Z Issue #1” is written by Matt Warner and A J Ballard (“Slaughterhouse Farm”), and features the stunning Artwork of Paul Johnson (“Razor Bastard”, “Death Truck”), with Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot (“Shock Value: Giallo”).

After a successful Kickstarter for this Slaughterhouse Z universe comic, it’s safe to say that Slaughterhouse isn’t quite porking dead yet. And well this is very interesting as the original Slaughterhouse Farm series was all black and white, and Slaughterhouse Z is colorful, making the gore, nudity and well everything have a nice little pop.

Porker X, a scientific project (gone right?) is making it’s way to town. Which also sees the return or resurrected “Pigfucker”, because that’s just a great idea, bringing someone or something like him back to life. The Scientists even said, Test Project 10 “Fucked, Killed and Ate. All other test subjects.” So once again Hellbound Media is holding no bars.

To bad for a wedding day, now it seems the hybrid is making it’s own army. And this time, there’s no escaping. As we witness the next issue “Slaughterhouse Hospital”.


Gory, nudity, sex, wedding, vibrators. What more do you expect from Hellbound Media? If you enjoyed “Slaughterhouse Farm”, then Slaughterhouse Z is definitely for you. Big bowl of gory goodness, just depends on how big you guys want the comic.

Keep up with Hellbound Media UK to learn when we can expect the next treat, Slaughterhouse Hospital, coming soon.


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