“Jerome Grand Hotel” – Comic Review

My name is Meredith McClaren.  I make a lot of comics about my day to day life.

I like travel.

I like ghosts.

I’d like to combine the two.  And share the experience with you.

via Kickstarter

But what’s the difference between this campaign and others? Well reader I’m glad you sort of asked that, because usually when backing a Kickstarter project. We are backing it for the morel of the comic becoming finished as the campaign draws near, however the way Meredith McClaren is running this one, it’s more of a way of showing her experience of her day to day life within these hotels.

Let’s also read what Ms. McClaren had to say about this campaign anyways.

I want to do a small mini comic in which I stay at a haunted hotel and detail the experience of getting there, being there, and maybe being spooked out?  I chose the Jerome Grand Hotel because it’s purportedly very haunted (it used to be a hospital) and relatively nearby.

It’s a small project.  Funds received would cover the hotel stay for one night, travel expenses, food, a ghost tour of Jerome’s main street, and taxes.  In return, I will detail and illustrate as much of the experience as is worth reporting, for all of you to enjoy as a pdf.

So in a way it’s a little different but completely nailed the deadline beforehand.

As for the comic, it’s interesting how she writes about her day to day life. Especially her time with this supposedly “Haunted” place. It’s nice and short and will, as much as we get told the same bit about Jerome Grand Hotel being an old Hospital, we still learn a little bit more.

The comic itself is drawn nice and smoothly, straight to the point with little colors which helps cut down time to deliver the project. However I don’t know if it’s really necessary to write this stuff, however it does make it a little interesting nonetheless.

In conclusion Jerome Grand Hotel by Meredith McClaren may not be for everyone but she has other titles to check out, the artwork is nice and simple, plus it’s a nice little short read for those that don’t want that full on scariness.

Check out more by Meredith McClaren

Official Website

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