“Hotel San Carlos” – Comic Review

My name is Meredith McClaren.  I make a lot of comics about my day to day life.

I like travel.

I like ghosts.

I’d like to combine the two.  And share the experience with you.

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Meredith McClaren definitely doesn’t waste any time when drawing and tracing back her steps of visiting these haunted places. However, like most comics. It seems a little to short, especially when there’s a five inch step up and the writer obviously says she’s going to trip on it. Why not put it in the book?

Once again it’s like Jerome Grand Hotel, we read as Meredith settles in, tells us how this place is haunted or what the building used to be and tries to experience the haunting. There’s a small background story of what guests have witnessed at this particular hotel, and once again it could have all been a dream.

It’s nice to see the approach of someone trying to draw and write an experience, but sometimes more is good and less is good but in this case, would have been interesting to learn more about these stories even if Meredith asked other guests. I just felt that one saying of “this five inch step up I’m obviously going to trip on sometime later” could have been added within the story. However Meredith is basically telling her side of the story, I’d hope one day one of these ghost stories is actually a little bit more, than what we actually get. There nice don’t get me wrong, but I feel I’d like to know more.

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