“Project Hoax” – Comic Review

What’s Project Hoax about?

Set in 1994, a group of school kids plan to get their own back on the local bully, but get more than they bargained for when they try to stage a monster hoax.

 Who will enjoy Project Hoax?

  •  Comic collectors who are fans of all-ages comics.
  •  Parents/aunties/uncles wanting to give their child/niece/nephew a unique gift.
  • If you like the idea of an all-ages horror comic that takes you back to growing up in the 90s and a story that you can enjoy with your child/niece/nephew.

What do you get when you back Project Hoax?

  • All reward backers receive a full-colour 36 page digital copy of Project Hoax..
  • All print copy reward backers (£3) and above receive a full-colour 36 page print copy, bookmark and an A4 poster.
  • Above the print copy reward you can also get a bike helmet sticker, Charlie’s Project Hoax planbook, an 8GB cassette tape USB drive or even a video game cover commission by our artist, Dan Butcher.

My name is Samuel George London, I’m a comic book writer from Hampshire in the UK and creator of Project Hoax.

During the 90s, I was about as suburban as a young lad can get. I had a curtains-style haircut, I had a paper round, I had a tape player and I had a BMX. Most weekends and evenings I was at my local dirt jumps with my friends.

I always look back fondly on those memories, and I’ve always tried to think of a story that could encapsulate what it was like to grow up in the 90s. Twenty-five years on, I’ve written my “love letter” to the 90s with Project Hoax.

Dan is best known for his brilliant superhero webcomic, Vanguard, but he’s also known for being co-host on the Awesome Comics Podcast. And as you just saw from the pages above, Dan has an impactful style of art that’s perfect for this story.

Dan Butcher's Impactful Art
Dan Butcher’s Impactful Art

Alongside Dan, we also have an editor on TEAM HOAX, in the form of Nicole D’Andria. Nicole, is the Marketing Director and Submissions Editor at Action Lab Comics. She edits numerous comics for Action Lab, from Dog of Wonder to Zombie Tramp. She also adapts Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir to comics and co-writes DollFace.

Outside of Action Lab, Nicole writes comic book related articles for Comic Frontline, works as a freelance editor and is currently writing the second issue of her successful Kickstarter comic, Road Trip to Hell.

Our editor, Nicole D'Andria.
Our editor, Nicole D’Andria.

If you wanted to enjoy a comic that has a nice throwback, Project Hoax is the one. Literally as you dive into the pages it just feels like your old childhood, well unless you didn’t have this kind of childhood then you missed out on a great time back in the days. Where us kids could have fun, bike, friends, sleepovers and more. Oh and walkman’s, because yes that was a thing before CD’s and well streaming online…

Even though it feels like these 36 pages flew by fast, it’s a nice reminder of how to deal with bullies and witness an adventure even your enemies have to help with. It’s a great little tale of overcoming your fears, growing together and well, enjoying yourself.

As for the monster. Well sometimes urban legends and talk around town can really be anything, especially a blood thirsty beast that makes you tilt your head trying to figure out exactly what these pages are spilling with nice little easter eggs of the old days. Well some may know the references while others won’t fully understand. But that’s the differences between generations, is having your own kind of memories for your childhood.

In the end, Project Hoax by Samuel and Dan with Nicole managed to pull off a very unique one of a kind comic that sends a strong message. The colors are very atmospheric and just one good ol fashion comic you don’t want to miss yourself. Hopefully we’ll get to see more from this team in the future.

Superheroes don’t always have to wear capes, it could easily be someone or a group of friends to help take down a monster without hurting them (like bullies) It’s a strong message that even today, kids need to realize that finding strength is what helps you grow. It’s a better way to develop and make friendships.


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