“The Soul of the Sea #1” – Comic Review

What is The Soul Of The Sea?

The Soul Of The Sea Issue #1 is a horror comic series set in a rural Ireland. It explores themes regarding isolation, community life and religion. Welcome to the Kickstarter for Issue #1 – a 32 page stapled comic book.

“A man travels to a remote Irish island inhabited by a group of Monks to help a sick boy in their community and to find closure about his own son, who died at sea when the fishing boat The Soul Of The Sea capsized two years before. The secrets he finds on the island are as deep as the ocean and in order to survive he must confront his own faith, his demons and an island full of devout monks, who are not what they seem.”

The Soul Of The Sea is a comic book inspired by stories by Michelle Paver, Susan Hill, Edgar Allen Poe, M.R James and more. We want to keep the tradition going, but we also want to turn it on it’s head, combining the classic ghost story with folk horror and forge our own creation. This is a comic that broods with menace, not one that is full of blood and gore. We want to explore grief, rural life and religion in our story and their connection to each other. The best horror stories in my opinion are the ones that are deeply connected to our own emotions, fears and desires and of course the best horror stories send that cold chill down your spine when you know something isn’t right.

There’s a story within another story going on here it seems, Dr. Guin who lost his son to this unpredictable sea. Left only with memories and possibly a very slight handled drinking problem.

Word arrived that a boy who traveled has become deathly I’ll who needs medical attention. A retired Doctor grabs his stuff and sets sail to travel the very sea that has taken lives upon lives in the sea.

With a bid farewell and a final acknowledge of “if I don’t make it back” sees the man, well accepting whatever fate or faith lies once arrived at the island.

And as the bare-bones reach the end, I can only think this doctor has been setup for a possibly ritual. People with hoods and robes just seem eerie enough to make you wonder. Especially if the island alone doesn’t seem suitable for children.

The Soul of the Sea is a must, if it doesn’t grab you by story. It should grab you by the artwork alone, ita very detailed with variety of colors, shadows and well, creative arch of what will become a favorite amongst those.

The story is reglious to the aspect of it’s providing enough, to grab you and keep your attention span. As someone like myself, who’d rather avoid anything Christian related. Soul of the Sea isn’t pushing it down our throats, like most people do nowadays.

The Sea Is Awaiting You’re Return.

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