“Tales from the Cryptic Closest #1” Brings Back Nostalgic Memories [Comic Review]

The book is an homage to the Creepy, Tales from the Crypt, and EC comics of the past.  It contains six stories with ten creators involved.  We have creators from fashion, film, and comics involved.    The creators are:

Anthony Cleveland (Alterna, Madcave)

Ashley Esper (Skulls & Sketches, The Lab)

Adam Farster (Floor 13 Studios, Guerrilla Publishing, A&O Comics, The Lab)

Jorge Garza  (Qezta Art)

Julio Guerra (Marvel, Aftershock , Pro Wrestling Tees, Guerrilla, The Lab)

Bill Halliar (Professional Storyboard artist, Devil’s Due, Archaia, Moonstone, Northstar, Sterling, SLG, The Lab)

Joshua Hull (writer and director of films such as Beverly Lane, Voice Over, The Impersonators, and Chopping Block)

Lisa Jones (Red Guerrilla Entertainment, The Lab)

Vinny Malave (The Cryptic Closet, Pro Wrestling Tees)

Ben Miller (Guerrilla, A&O Comics, The Lab, Enjoy Comics, Ucreate Comics).

Source: Kickstarter

Funded through a crowdfund, and dare I say how could it not be funded? Guerrilla Publishing have created a perfect homage to the old school “Tales from the Crypt” and EC Comic days, even the writing is right down to the bone.

Once the digital copies were received, I had to dive in once I had that spare time. It’s safe to say that everyone involved knows a good story, and well dare I even say “until next time.” I know for when someone pulls and tugs at stuff we enjoy, it’s hard to tell whether the fans will love or hate it. My time spent reading this fifty two page comic which took me 30 mins or less on my lunch break to indulge myself into the world that is “Tales from the Cryptic Closest” and left me hungry for the next issue.

Four black and white tales to gobble up, as even each tale has it’s own creative artists and writers (mentioned above) which gives the readers more ways of showing off what these indie people can hold up to. But once it’s all said and done, you’ll be wanting the next juicy issue to fill your childhood needs.

Tales from the Cryptic Closest really does feel like your watching an episode for Tales from the Crypt, only different hosts and four stories versus just one. It captures and if not explores something new that we don’t see to often with this sort of host, bouncing back and forth between backgrounds of different “spaces”, if not where the darkness lingers. And some stories may not even be fiction, I mean their all fiction right?

Guerrilla Publishing has definitely found their next “fan favorite” and makes me wonder when we could possibly see Issue 2 of Tales from the Cryptic Closest, because who knows how many skeletons will be waiting in our closest next time around. Definitely check this out if you’re a fan of the TV Show and EC Comics, even if you’re new and want something more, Tales from the Cryptic Closest will give you a hand.


Guerrilla Publishing Group


Instagram: @guerrillapublishing

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