Review & Full film: THE HAPPY ONES Horror Short Film by Aaron B. is a creepy family tale!


After arriving at a family gathering, Mike discovers a twisted secret.

Spoiler-Free Review:

The horror short starts off in a weird family video style with some elder ladies gathered on a table waiting for a man called Mike to arrive at the annual family gathering. When he arrives, he finds the elders babbling the same things and acting in a weird way. He then tries to search the house for anything suspicious and a dark twisted secret is revealed to him.

The horror short is shot well, although, it has some found footage type of feel to it. The moving camera helps to make the uneasy feeling of the horror film increase and the acting feels a bit weird or childish at first but when the plot truly reveals near the end, you realize the reason for the acting and dialogues being weird. The fear feels genuine in the end and music works well the film.

The film tries to show a procedure in the medical science which is banned now, and if I mention it here, the plot will be spoiled. I had to pause during a scene to read the documents shown to know exactly what’s going on in the end, so, an improvement would have been to explain, at least after the horror short ends, the medical phenomenon with some information on the screen so that audience isn’t clueless but even if you don’t understand the exact details, the visuals are frightening enough to make you happy as a horror fan. The special effects were great and while there’s no excess gore, the blood feels real enough to be scary.

Overall, if you are looking for a horror short film which is 13 minutes long but has the secret and an ending that’s as thrilling as a mainstream horror movie with the feel of Baker’s House featured in the Resident Evil 7 horror game, you should watch The Happy Ones. It’s free to watch on YouTube and unlike Mike, you have nothing to lose by entering the house of the Happy Ones.

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