“Haunted Voices” – Audio Book Review

For the original review check it out here. Where all the info can be found as well, this review is for the purpose of a Audiobook Review.

Upon listening the recordings are very clear, high quality tracks. We hear between male and female narrators for certain or specific types of the stories. However when it comes right down to the listening of the reproduced archive collections, it’s a hit or miss of the quality of the recording. Lots of noises in the background, people sound like in a big building that echoes your voice off the walls.

However there are those that really get into the narrations, speaking faster, giving characters a voice of their own or just plan emotions pouring right into the microphone.

Honestly it’s a nice way of bringing these old tales to life, however I think it really dwells on those tales mentioned that are noisy or echoes. While listening to those, I had to almost try to re-listen, but to no avail I felt I was really hearing what was meant to be. I felt I needed a copy right in front of me during these specific stories, but there are some from the archive that were spot on perfect and understand almost as if you’re listening to a regular recorded tale.

Tales that really caught my ears were “The Priest of Forvie”, “Tala in the Woods”, and those are just some.

If you enjoy these audio books, which I see myself getting more into. It’s really does bring stories to life, maybe even could have added sound effects to really bring the chills to the listeners. But who knows, maybe we can all witness a sequel book down the path.

Grab your audio book and more at hauntpublishing.com

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