Review & Full Film: Daddy’s Coming Home – a short horror film by Brandon Rhiness is a thrilling film about a family preparing for a father’s homecoming!

Daddy’s Coming Home, A short horror film written & directed by Brandon Rhiness. Starring Julie Whelan, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Braedyn Hamaliuk and Craig Hamaliuk, It explores the frightening experience of a father’s arrival and a mother’s orders to set things right in the house before he arrives. We review without spoiling, why this is an experience worth watching!

Spoiler Free Review:

“Daddy’s coming Home” – Brings joy or bad memories depending on the childhood a person had. The short horror film maker, Brandon Rhiness has used the phrase and family dynamics to create a terrifying experience with some shocking twist.

 We see a lady and her two teenage children- a son and a daughter being in a big house and the lady is repeating the phrase “Daddy’s coming” to them while ordering them to do the chores as their father is going to arrive at home soon. The lady is frightening enough to make this a creepy watch and when we see the father, it’s creepier but before anything more exciting happens, the film is cut off but that’s perhaps because this is a horror short film and not a feature film. We have to appreciate it as an experience and not expect a long story.

As an experience, the camera and sound quality is crisp. Performances are well done by all the cast. Editing and direction makes you anticipate the next scenes and overall the horror short feels like a great film for audience to enjoy a small thrilling experience while not worrying too much about the story or characters. It’s free to watch on YouTube and it has some outstanding performances, so you should definitely check it out.

Full Short Film:

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