I’m Haunted by Brandon Rhiness is an innovative & realistic Found Footage Film featuring vlogs in a haunted home! (Spoiler Free Review)

A brand new modern horror project written and directed by Brandon Rhiness and produced by Bill Moroziuk starring Elizabeth Chamberlain as Genesis , “I’m Haunted.” a found-footage-style film about a young woman who thinks her apartment is haunted and begins a video blog to document the strange happenings. Episodes (1 – 5 minutes each) have begun airing daily on the official channel from November 1st.

It is planned to be released it as a full-length film sometime next year.

Spoiler Free Review:

Ever wanted to hear a person’s personal thoughts while being in a home that seems to be haunted? How about vlogs featuring the thoughts of the resident along with some creepy visuals? If yes, then this independent and innovative horror film is made for you. It’s a unique revolutionary concept of a series of vlog updates posted by the protagonist in which slowly, we see the difference in the home, thoughts and to make it more frightening, it all seems very realistic.

The camera quality is super clear but rough enough to make it feel like a vlog made by a Vlogger and not a film maker. The acting is fabulous. The fear, enthusiasm during some innocent scenes like getting a new job and other life aspects have been perfectly performed by Elizabeth Chamberlain who is playing Genesis, the lady who’s being troubled by the haunting at her house.

Other characters which we see in the episodes as photos or some creepy clip has acted, or say, ‘posed’ well in the photos which we see while things are explained by Genesis. The film has a very authentic feel to it. I think we should appreciate and encourage such an original concept that’s trying to do something unique by combining the found footage genre with modern trends of vlogging. What makes it a must watch is the performance of the leading lady, Elizabeth Chamberlain and the realistic presentation. With many episodes available to watch for free on YouTube, you are definitely missing out if you haven’t watched them yet! It would be exciting to see the entire series as a full film next year but till then, these updates will surely satisfy your horror cravings.

Official Trailer:

Episode 1 of many to get you started:

Episode 1 credits: Written & Directed by Brandon Rhiness Starring Elizabeth Chamberlain Hudsynn Kennedy as the Ghost Girl Gay Andrew as Mom Emily Anne Salkeld as Emily Lee Lopez as Dan Bronson the Dog as Poe Executive Producer: Bill Moroziuk

Click here to see “I’m Haunted Official YouTube Playlist” to watch all the episodes!! Subscribe and keep checking the channel for newer episodes.

Connect with the creator:

Official YouTube Channel

Official Twitter: brandonrhiness

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