Child Play’s Review


What is Child’s Play?

This good-bad ’80s horror-movie reboot from the producers of ‘It’ sends mixed messages, blending kid-targeted storytelling tropes with hard-R violence inappropriate for young viewers.

This is not like the original Child’s Play from 1988 as this movie is its own thing and for what is it, it’s absolutely amazing. I saw it twice, probably going to see it again. It was EXTREMELY well done.

Andy Barclay from Child’s Play 2019

Unlike the original of a possessed doll by a criminal, this time our Chucky is an AI with no boundaries parented by an angry child, this movie’s Andy. The only directive left in Chucky’s programming for most of the movie was to please or be Andy’s friend. With no moral protocols programmed or taught in any decent way, other people in Andy’s life became obstacles to his happiness and their “friendship”.

Also, Andy Barclay in the film is considerably older, around the early pre-teen bracket as opposed to the original Child’s Play’s Andy (Alex Vincent) who was a six-year-old child. Andy in the film also bears a handicap in the form of a hearing retainer, displaying the character’s limited hearing.

This movie has emotion, story, horror, comedy, etc. Also, the animatronics were so well done that I was blown away.

In the end, this movie was AWESOME from top to bottom and well worth your time!

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