Top 10 Your Ghost Stories List

While many parts of the country and the other countries are still quite warm, fall—and cooler temperatures —are just around the corner. But if the weather isn’t enough to send a chill up your spine, check out these terrifying tales. From haunted nursing home to supernatural encounters straight out of a Halloween movie, these scary ghost stories are sure to delight around a campfire.



This is actually something I’d like to ask others’ opinions about, and if anyone else might be able to interpret this very creepy, very strange event.

Several months ago, I recall being in that sort of limbo-state between asleep and awake. I remember sitting up, and standing there, just to the right of my bed was a black-haired boy who seemed to be wearing an old German school uniform. I’m actually German myself, so I’m not sure if there’s a connection with that or not, but here’s the creepier part.

As soon as I saw him, it was as though someone had flipped a light switch and I heard a rush of several different sounds at once. I heard the sounds of whipping and children screaming and the thumps of bodies being hit against something or each other. The boy began to cry tears of blood and he held his hands out to me as if offering something that wasn’t there. All he said to me was, “Look – blood and salt – salty blood.” His voice was barely above a whisper but it was so overwhelmingly loud that it hurt my whole head.

I remember feeling a sharp jolt like when someone splashes you with cold water, and then I looked around and the boy was gone but I was still sitting upright. I can’t be sure if I was really asleep or awake.

I hadn’t watched any horror movies or anything that might have triggered it, and I wasn’t under a whole lot of stress. The thing is, I’m usually pretty good at sensing a presence, even when I can’t see anything. I can also read auras. I’ve never had any sort of sense of children or child-spirits in my home, but the dream, or experience, whatever it was, still haunts me to this day.

– DeviousAngel – California, United States



“Hope everyone is well, thanks for taking the time to read. This story is a strange one. To start off I am 22 years old and live in a small village called Fradley.

Now, here’s a couple of things. Fradley was an Air Force base during WW2 and many people died around here. For instance, there is a story about a man who did not turn off his plane engine off and was decapitated by his own propellor, some say you can see him roaming the fields headless.

Anyway, back to the main story. So, I lived here most of my life, a good 14 years, and nothing strange happens too much. Apart from when I’m going up my staircase. Do you ever feel like someone is chasing you up the stairs or you sometimes panic when it’s dark and maybe you feel like someone’s following you? What happens to me is strange.

Just to paint you a picture, when you leave my living room, there’s a hallway and you walk about a metre and on the left is the kitchen and on the right is the staircase. Now sometimes when I’m going up, MOST of the time, I catch in the corner of my eye what seems like someone standing by the doorway to the living room. I have one of those staircases that you can see pretty much all the hall and kitchen door and living room door. I will leave the kitchen and sometimes I catch movement, etc.

So, here’s where it gets weird. I leave the living room and start climbing the stairs and I see this “shadow/apparition” in the living room doorway and then when I’m up the stairs, you need to do a pretty much 180 turn to go in my room, and as I turn at the top of the stairs; this shadow is now at the bottom of the staircase. I always, always catch it.

The scariest is when I’m turning all lights off downstairs and getting ready for bed. This shadow is extremely active, almost to the point where I can see it almost peeking around the doorways.

What could this be? Why am I always seeing this and no one else in my family? It’s very strange, it almost feels like it follows me to the doorways of the rooms in the house but never seems to pass them. It’s like the shadow knows just the hallway and stairs, or maybe something stops it from entering the rooms?

Thanks for reading. Any bits of help would be nice and maybe I can assist this entity into moving on. Whatever it is.”

– Josh – United Kingdom



“This happened about 7 or 8 years ago, I can’t really recall the exact time but it has been a very long time already.

I was working on this Nursing Home back when I still live in Baltimore, Maryland. I was a new Nurse back then and I was stationed at this skilled unit they called the Vent Unit. Now the patients or residents that stay here looked like they are in critical condition with their ventilators attached to their trachea and Peg tubes attached to their feeding pumps but they are actually on stable condition enough for them to be placed on our unit.

Our unit is like a crossroad, I don’t know how to describe it well but I will try. The nurse’s station is in the middle and shaped like circular where you can see the north, south, east, and west hallways leading to other units. The north hallway has a dead-end that leads to a wall at the far end and nowhere else to go. That side of the hallway always creeps me out especially during the night shift where I always work.

One night, it was past midnight already and the lights were dimmed but the north hallway was particularly darker than the rest probably because it is a dead-end. I was doing my chart checks when at the corner of my eye, I saw a very tall shadow that just glided towards a resident’s room. I was facing the East wing that time because I didn’t want to be facing on the dark hallway and still that didn’t spare me from witnessing something unusual.

I shrugged it off as my imagination but I can really feel something different at that time. Anyway since it is my duty to do rounds to make sure my patients are ok, I went to the North hallway and checked on my patients and nope, I didn’t see anything unusual or any tall shadows, so I went to do what my duties needed me to do that night.

Fast forward the next day, as I come in for my shift that night and I was getting the report, I was surprised that the endorsing nurse told me that the patient in the room such and so passed away that morning. I immediately recalled the tall shadowy figure that I saw out of the corner of my eye that went through that side of the hallway rooms at the far end. I wasn’t particularly sure which room but I knew it was near the resident that passed away. Again I passed it off as a coincidence.

A few months after something happened that scared the crap out of me while working there. As I was passing meds past midnight for some scheduled meds on my patients. I was again on the North hallway and it was pretty dim and everything is quiet except for some occasional dings and alarms of some vents but nothing unusual.

As I entered this particular room, it was pretty dark since the lights are off in the room but there are dim lights on the hallway behind me. Now the rooms have these wide windows and usually, they are covered at night by curtains or blinds but in this particular room; it was wide open. I can’t see what’s outside since it’s pitch black outside but the window served as a mirror since I can see my reflection and the reflection of the hallway behind me when I enter the room.

This gives me the creeps until today and I remember when I entered the room, I felt like there was something behind me. You know that feeling like when you are being watched and you feel your hairs behind your neck standing up with that prickly sensation all over your body as your heart starts to raise and pound faster. That’s what I felt and what made it worse was when I was trying to search for the room’s light switch, I roamed my eyes all over the room while feeling with my hand on the wall for the switch when my eyes landed on the reflection of the window where I saw a tall shadowy figure standing just behind me. My heart literally skipped a beat and as soon as I felt the switch, I turned it on and the figure is gone from the reflection on the window.

I was so freaked out that I never said a word that shift and just did my work to occupy my mind. Even my coworker asked if I was ok but I just showed them I was even if, inside my mind, I wasn’t.

The next day as I come back for work, I heard the terrible news that the patient died that morning, where I saw the shadowy figure.

I don’t know for sure if they were grim reapers or death but that was one of the unforgettable moments that I’ll remember when I was working in that place.”

– DarriuxDarkk – Maryland, United States



My story took place in Colmar, Alsace, France. It’s a town near Germany. My grandparents were quite young during World War II and told me many stories about that town.

When I was four, my parents and my mother’s parents bought a two-story house in Colmar with a beautiful garden. My grandparents lived on the first floor and my parents and me on the second floor. There was a basement, which was separated in three rooms (a storage room, a room for my father and his DIY and a laundry room), an attic and next to the attic, a small storage room at the time.

I loved the basement, I always played there or in the garden. I never was afraid of the basement, but the attic terrified me. I remember, I was 4 and my mother put some boxes in the attic. I followed her and felt very uneasy. It was dark and I felt eyes on me. I looked in every direction, but I never saw anything. I was little and I thought that there was a beast up there, not a monster, a beast. I don’t know why.

Fast-forward: I’m 8 – Summer 1991. I played every Saturday with a friend, Mélanie. I had this “genius” idea of searching the house to find a secret passage. I had read a book about a girl finding a secret passage in her house and I was sure there was one because my house was quite old. We searched the basement but found nothing, so we eventually went to the attic. It was such a strange place. It was L-shaped, but the left part of that place was totally dark, so we had to bring a flashlight.

What I could never explain was a hole in the wall at the right corner of the attic. It was 3 feet tall and quite narrow, but by looking into it with the flashlight, one could see a room, but there was no entry, just this hole. Nobody could enter in. This room was actually behind the small storage room next to the attic. Ah ah, maybe there was a passageway, but we never found any.

So we were looking through this hole when I felt uneasy again. I felt something in the attic with us. I kept looking at the far end, where there was no light and was sure that something would come at us. I saw nothing and we went out playing in the garden.

The next Saturday, we went back to the attic. We were fearless young girls. My friend never felt anything, so I thought that I had an overactive imagination… So this time, I was looking through the hole and my friend had the flashlight. She was standing at the far end of the attic and suddenly, she asked me, “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” (“What’s that?”) I looked in the beam of the flashlight and froze. There was a young man sitting on the floor, his knees against his chest. His arms were crossed on his knees like he was hugging himself. He turned his head toward us and smiled. We bolted out of the room and went to the storage room. My heart was pounding, I was out of breath. I first thought that it was a real person, but he had no color. It was like a 3D dark shadow. And we never heard any footsteps. My friend refused to admit that we saw a ghost and we never talked about it.

I never saw him again, but the storage room became my room when I was a teen and sometimes I heard strange noises. Bangings on the wall, the wall who was connected to the “secret room” and scratching noises.

My grandmother learned later that our house was a clandestine printing office during World War II. The owners printed slogans against the Germans. But I think that there was something else in that house. I believe that the secret room was used to hide people.

But forever and ever I’m terrified of the attic. We moved out 3 years ago, but I still have nightmares.

– Saishu_Heiki – France



I am Sarim from the city of Karachi. This incident took place during my last semester of engineering (BS) in the month of November 2011, now I have passed out.

Our semester exams were to start in a week, and we had this course Industrial Control Electronics which I found a bit difficult to understand and so did the rest of the 5 guys in our group. We had this nerdy sort of a guy in our class, Ahsan Ahmed, who understood this course very well, securing the highest marks in the mid-term examinations as well. He finally agreed to help us with a few very important topics that were more than likely to come in the final exam of ICE paper. He called six of us to come over for a night stay so that he would help us with those chapters.

We got to his bungalow which is located in a pretty secluded area of Karachi (manghopeer). I have been at his home for the very first time, it was a double story building, we entered the main gate and went upstairs to the second floor, which only had a study room and big veranda.

We got in and put away our bag packs. One of my friends, Shezad Burki, is a cigarette addict so, as usual, he took out his pack of smokes and lit up one before we could proceed with the studies. In the meantime, we started joking around, playing mp3 songs on our cell phones and trolling each other, making pretty loud noises. Ahsan kept telling us to keep our voices low again and again which we ignored.

After about 30 minutes we started studying at 1:00 am and carried on continuously for about 2 hours and 20 minutes when Shezad insisted us to take a break so that he could smoke a couple cigarettes So we halted the studies for a while and again started trolling each other and playing mp3 songs at high volumes. Ahsan again told us not to make any noises, and keep our voices down but we didn’t care.

Suddenly I heard a bang on the door as if something struck the door, which I ignored since it wasn’t that loud. After about a minute or so, it was like bang bang bang (pretty fierce this time) felt like somebody was throwing stones at the door with great force. All seven of us in the room heard it this time. We all were staring at each other’s faces, startled and having no clue who could it be at 3:20 am in the morning. I asked Ahsan if it could be someone from his family, but he said no one would be awake in his house at that time. Then again it started bang bang bang bang bang even more fierce this time than before. We could also hear the sound of rolling stones after they struck the door.

It continued for about 2 minutes without a break and we all stood there in silence awaiting what would happen next. When finally it stopped for about a minute, Ahsan got up and rushed towards the door. He held the door lock and then left it the next second crying in pain and saying it is too hot. I went towards the door and touched the door lock with a finger and yes it was hot enough to fry an egg.

After that, we all moved away from the door. The banging sound on the door would happen randomly and then stop. This went on until about 5:00 am when we heard Ahsan’s father shouting, “Ahsan, it’s time for prayers” and he opened up the door without any problem.

I can’t tell you how happy we were to see him open the door, blood again started to flow in our veins. We picked our bag packs and just rushed out of the room. As we descended the stairs we all looked back at the door to find the piles of stones outside the doors but were amazed to find not even a single stone there. The door was scratchless.

Ahsan’s father didn’t hear any such bangings during the night when we inquired nor did his mother or any of his siblings. We still can’t figure out what happened that night, but yeah I passed my Industrial Control Electronics with a 3.3 Gpa.

– Engr_Sarim10 – Pakistan



I want to share this incident which happened 2 days ago near my house. This incident made me sick, also it is the only thing my mind wants to think about.

Every day around 10 pm I go walking for an hour or two in a football stadium (the place where I live has a football stadium for the community, also children park & kindergarten school). During the night there won’t be any children or anyone who use the stadium to play so people like me use it for walking/jogging.

On this specific day, the stadium was eerily silent and there was no one when I went there at 10 pm. Then I didn’t think about it much I was listening to my favorite playlist and continued my walking. After 15-20 minutes I saw a lady enter the stadium (only one entrance is kept open at nighttime, so it was easy to notice who comes in or go out). Also, I have to mention about the lighting at the stadium: we have 3 lights which are bright at only at specific places like the entrance and at 2 corners and apart from that it’s just moonlight, so considerable it is a dark place but not too dark.

This lady who came after 20 minutes was acting weird because she was standing at the entrance for a solid 5 minutes without moving an inch. She was standing there like she was staring at someone or something. I know most of the people from my community, but she looks new. She was wearing a dress (knee-length) also has neck-length hair. I thought maybe she missed something and looking for it, but she didn’t move from that place, so I thought to talk to her.

The more I got closer to her, I got this uncomfortable feeling like something is telling me not to move forward. While I was having these thoughts my phone rang in full volume. I literally jumped, my heart was beating super fast now, it was my mom. She was like to come home soon (I live with my mom), you can go walking tomorrow. I asked her the reason, she was like I feel like am having a panic attack for no reason so why don’t you listen to me for once (mom being a mom here).

After less than 2 minutes call, I saw the lady who is looking at me directly with a creepy smile, and she started to move towards me. I don’t know where I got the strength or stamina, I just ran past her and went out (I ran past her because there was only one entrance/exit).

After coming out from the stadium running with all my life, I used my front camera to check if someone coming/running behind me but no she wasn’t, but she was standing near the exit and I took few pictures of her.

There was a security guard outside my house, and I showed the picture and asked him whether he knows her, but he was silent for a few seconds and asked me when I took this picture. I was confused by his question and replied to him just a few minutes back. And then he told me three days before a girl committed suicide (I don’t know the reason behind her death) and the girl in the picture looks similar to her.

I was shocked and told my mom this story she prayed and kept holy ashes on my forehead. I got a bad fever the next day, mostly because of the panic I guess and today I am feeling a little bit better.

Today evening I am planning to do some research about this girl by visiting the apartment where she lived. I guess there might be a reason for her visit. I will keep you posted.

– RanGv – India



I entitled this story in Spanish (which literally means ‘White Lady in Laguna’) to emphasize the girl’s description.

Before I start my story, I would like to reiterate a disclaimer. I have not experienced it first hand but most of my relatives did so, I guess, I better share it here. I will use my relatives’ initials so readers will not be confused.

It happened in one of the municipalities of the province of Laguna in the Philippines. My mom’s sister (with her family) lives there up until now. Every summer and Christmas vacation, my other cousins and I usually stay there to have fun, relax and bond with our relatives.

I can no longer recall the exact year the incident happened but I think I was between 9-12 years old back then. J, K, Jr (my cousins), G (my younger sister) and I were always together doing stuff. Sometimes we play outside, or indoors, or have some food trippings, or just chill and share ghost stories. As kids, for the sake of sharing, we tend to imagine things and create a story and just be persuasive enough so that others may feel that the story was real. So, I shared them about my made-up story about a white lady in our home. I made sure that it will look very real so they will be scared, thus, making my story believable.

When it was J’s turn, by the way, J and Jr were brothers, he told us about this certain lady, dressed in old Spanish looking white kamiseta, with hair tied in a perfect bun, with a neck collar, but no one can see her face. Of course, I thought, just like me, J was just making up that story. As he continued his story, this lady, who was mostly seen roaming around the subdivision clubhouse, was already famous within the homeowners.

Some saw her walking towards the playground. Some saw her standing near a tree in the same clubhouse. Or sometimes, just walking without a specific direction and then vanish into thin air. Some claimed to have been visited by this lady right in their own homes.

That same night when my cousins and I were sharing ghost stories, my aunt told us to call it a night and have a night of sleep since we will be going to an amusement park the next day and we need to prepare and to have enough energy.

The next day, I remember the adults and some older cousins talking at the veranda. My uncle said that after my aunt has put us to sleep, he heard some unrecognizable noise in the living room so he went outside their room to check. No one was there except a silhouette of a lady sitting near the dining room. Since the uncle has bad eyesight, he thought the lady was my older cousin. He shrugged it off and just told the lady to sleep. The odd thing was, that Jn just came home that morning because she slept in her best friend’s house also in that subdivision. So, there’s no way she will be in the house that night.

Others may say, maybe my uncle was just imagining things since he has bad eyesight, and it’s night time, with dim lights coming from the front yard. But no, after that incident, a group of young adults (college students doing their thesis) said that they actually saw a lady entering the house. They were actually scared of what they saw because of the infamous white lady. It was near the time when my uncle saw the silhouette.

Another incident was when we were playing outside. We were so mischievous when we were young. We press the doorbells of the neighboring houses then even before they open the gate, we run as fast as we could so the people of the house will not see us. One time, my younger sister pressed a doorbell of a big house. We ran as fast as we could but my sister did not. We went back to her and told her to go and run so the owner of the house will not catch us. But she said that there’s no need to run because the owner already saw us. She said that there’s a lady voice from the inside who shouted at us. From what she heard, it said “Hoy! Tigilan nyo na yan.” (Hey! Stop that). My cousin Jr peeked at the inside of the house and he said that indeed there was a lady sitting in a chair but he can’t see the face. The lady seemed to be doing something in her clothes. We all then said our apologies to the lady.

But, before we leave, a car stopped and a family of four alighted. They were the owners of the house. Jr told the guy who was the same age as him, that a lady shouted at us. Well, we thought that’s their aunt or older cousin. But, the guy said that no one was there. They all left to go to Batangas 2 days ago and they just came back. So, the question was, WHO WAS THAT LADY WHO SHOUTED AT US? The lady that my cousin saw doing something in her clothes.

I am trying to recall the other stories but since I was very young at that time, I already forgot them. All I know is that the white lady has come to the knowledge of the community priest so I heard they made some rituals. Some houses were renovated. In fact, my aunt and uncle’s house were also renovated. I haven’t gone to Laguna for a long time now so I am not sure if the infamous white lady still scares the place.

From what I heard also, there’s a story of a girl who went missing during the Spanish era. She was found later on a creek (the place where the clubhouse is located), dead. No one knew what exactly happened to her. There’s also a story circulating that she was raped and killed. Or, some said that she was actually an ilustrado (elite) based on the dress she was wearing, who fell in love with an Indio (poor) who betrayed her and with that, she killed herself. Some also said that since she’s an ilustrado, her family never approved of her relationship with an Indio so she killed herself.

Neither of the theories was proven. Whether she was killed or took her own self, no one will now. I will ask my cousins bout this lady when we got together soon.

– Majarlika012 – Philippines



I remember this experience like it was yesterday. About 25 years ago when I was only 7, my family and I visited my cousin and her family in Sacramento on a Saturday. They lived in an apartment right next to a cemetery with an elementary school right behind the apartment complex. This was definitely located in a rough neighborhood. My cousin, who was the same age as me, brought me and my older brother to the school’s playground. My brother brought a basketball and played at the courts by himself and I was playing on the structure with my cousin. Randomly, my cousin said she had to run home with no explanation whatsoever. She just took off. For some reason, I didn’t question her or decide to follow her. I just sat on the structure next to the slide. Then I heard what sounded like two voices, one on each side of my ears, grunting at me. I felt the presence almost like the voices came from two people standing on either side of me. My heart dropped and I wanted to faint. I screamed for my brother who was playing on the courts and before I can even tell him what was going on, he started sprinting off. I ran after him with my shoes halfway on.

When we ran back to my cousin’s house, my brother said he started running because he heard constant banging against the school bungalow and angry grunting voices chasing after him. We went upstairs to look for my cousin and when we entered her room, she was sitting on her bed, legs crossed, staring off into space. We screamed her name and she just slowly turned her head to look at us. She looked like she was drugged as just mumbled something to us. We couldn’t figure out what she was saying so we just left her room. My brother and I then told our parents and aunts and uncles what happened to us, and they just laughed it off. When it was around dinner time, we all gathered at the dinner table and my cousin came out of her room from upstairs acting normal again. Like nothing happened.

My brother and I remember everything to this day. We’ve reminded our cousin of that day numerous times and she cannot remember anything. We brought it up to her a couple months ago and, still, she didn’t recall ever taking us to that school. I don’t know if she was so scared that she just tried to shut that part of her memory out (she always seemed slightly annoyed every time we bring it up), or if she truly cannot remember. It was definitely one of the scariest moments I’ve ever experienced.

– Lalaland – California, United States



Last month I visited Japan again for an opening ceremony of a new hospital at Hokkaido. It was Chinese New Year and there were many visitors around, and there is a saying going, the more visitors the more accidents.

That night right after the party, 2 patrons were sent to our hospital, car accident… It was due to a slippery road. The car lost control and spun 40 meters across the bus road and smashed on to a tour bus. Luckily there were no tourists inside or around the bus at the time, but the bus driver had his lower body crushed where the car had smashed. The driver of the car was an old man heading to a wedding ceremony, information from the police said that he stepped on the break too suddenly that the rear tire slipped. Very unfortunately, the car driver died immediately. That night the family of the car driver came over and we had to tell them the tragic news.

Meanwhile, the bus driver was rushed to do an immediate operation. We needed to observe him and decide whether or not to do another operation some days later when he awakens. We found that the bus driver’s family had not come over and we realized that he was living alone and had no family.

The bus driver did not wake for almost a week, his company’s coworkers and managers did visit but none of them stayed for too long since he was not “in a good shape”. The doctor decided to do another operation since the time is limited and they could not wait for him to decide, we had to think the best for any patrons.

The operation did not go well perfectly, from the doctor’s information, the patron was bleeding badly during the operation, and the health condition of him was not too good. The patron died that evening making it the second death in our hospital.

That night when I went to tidy up the patron’s room for the next day’s use, I saw a person facing the wall mumbling to the wall. I tried to go and ask him who he was but I was stopped by a nurse who had worked at the old hospital for years, she pulled me over and told me to never speak to “such people”. I suddenly realize that the person I saw looked just like the injured bus driver. I may have experienced the hospital’s first ghost story…

– Zeromaru – Japan



I stayed with my family in this hotel for a night. It seemed comfortable and nice at the beginning. As we settled in, someone was trying to open our door. My mother thought it might have been some other guests who confused our room with their room but it felt odd to me. We went to bed and I slept in the same bed with my sister while my parents were beside me. I felt weird in that room.

I couldn’t keep track of the time but it was around 3 am when it happened. I don’t know if I woke up or I was dreaming but the room had all the lights on. I thought it was my parents or my sister had woke up but they were still in their beds. I looked around the room from my bed. Suddenly, this figure appeared. It was dark, floating and it felt evil. It got closer to me and his face was so close to mine. I could see every little detail. His face was purple with deep black eyes. His teeth were sharp. I could see them while he growled at me. I was terrified because my sister was beside me and I felt like she was in danger. I looked into the eyes of that thing and confronted him. I knew he was there to torment me but I didn’t let him. He vanished.

This entity had so much hatred in it. It felt so heavy in that room. Another thing is I don’t remember waking up. I can’t distinguish if it was real or a dream. Since this experience, I can’t watch demon or exorcism movies because I remember that entity. The movies remind me of it. An example of how it looked like, the demon from insidious. Let me clarify that insidious wasn’t even out by the time.

– Naialexa – Puerto Rico


Let us know if you had your own spooky encounter in the comments below.








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  1. These stories are awesome memories of the readers! If it can’t be proved right, and it can’t be proved wrong then we can’t deny the possibility!! A treat to read for horror fans and paranormal enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing this, Social3utterfly!

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