Spoiler-Free Horror Book Review: The Nightmare Society Vol. 1 “A collection of hauntingly beautiful tales!”

Official Synopsis:

Read 20 tales of terror from the creators of the Nightmare Soup series. The Nightmare Society contains stories from 5 writers and 3 illustrators, all exceptionally well-versed in the art of horror. The stories are also a bit darker than those found in Nightmare Soup, and are intended for a more mature audience. Edited by Jake Tri (Author), Andy Sciazko (Illustrator) [Credits as per Amazon website]

Spoiler-Free Review:

I have been skeptical of horror story books because either they’re rushed or feel like the stories are not fitting together. But Nightmare Society Vol. 1 changed my mind. There are 20 horror stories each accompanied by a beautifully sketched horror artwork that’s related to the story. The 116 pages book never feels boring and as every story ends, you will start reading the next one with the curiosity of a child.

 There are stories that feel absolutely modern as we are sometimes dealing with spirits and their connection to modern machines and devices. Then there are classic tales included like serial killers, haunted houses, possession, vampires and aliens, to name a few. A few of the stories provide a new aspect of looking at ghosts and spiritual world as some issues like sacred ghosts, Wendigo and ghosts demanding justice even after death are shown in the stories. You will admire, hate or feel pity for the protagonists in the stories. There are ghosts, creatures, and much more featured here. Even some “stranger danger” type of stories that will surely make you paranoid when talking to a weird looking stranger. Everything featured in this book is definitely nightmare material, thus I assume, the name “Nightmare Society”. It feels like 20 enjoyable nightmares though, not the bad kind of one, even if some of them creep you beyond expectations and break the 4th wall at times.

   None of the stories felt confusing or excessively violent, and all of them had some unpredictable aspect to them which made them fun to read. Some might think that the stories are not complex or deep enough but perhaps the stories were made like this to serve the purpose of bite sized short stories instead of over lengthy stories. While majority of the stories tend to have similar ending, the pattern is often broken with good and often funny endings some few stories provided. Each story is not directly related to each other, but the dark and horror theme makes it easy for the reader to read them consecutively without feeling like we have jumped onto another story. This also enables the reader to open up any page and read any story at random, especially when reading this book once again during Halloween or whenever a dose of horror story is required.

The book has mature horror themes. As the authors tell us, “Some stories in The Nightmare Society contain strong language, adult themes, and graphic descriptions of violence and horror. Reader discretion is advised.” The sentences, grammar and writing style is definitely like a horror novel for adults without the boredom of reading a novel. It’s not very sophisticated but still pretty solid. There is some humor added wherever possible, either through the description of characters, situations or even some dark humor of violent stuff happening.

 Overall, packed with a lot of content for the given price, the horror stories of Nigthmare Society Volume 1 are bound to scare you and entertain you with the beautifully written stories whose effects are amplified by the creepy artwork that accompanies each of them once they’re finished. If you like stories and especially horror stories with a variety of genres and topics, then, Nightmare Society Vol. 1 is a book that should be in your collection to read and reread it till it starts giving you nightmares and even daymares whenever your heart desires them..

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Sample Stories for preview

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