“John Carpenters Tales of Science Fiction: Redhead #2” – Comic Review

Marnie Young, an executive assistant in San Diego, is a sweet girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s also super lonely. But one night, without warning, Marnie has a violent seizure; co-workers recoil in horror as she writhes on the floor. Two days later, Marnie wakes up in a hospital room. As her vision comes into focus, she sees 17 doctors and nurses dead on the floor, blood splattered everywhere. Soon she discovers the shocking truth: Marnie has become lethal, and everyone who comes within three feet of her dies instantly! Which is really going to mess up her dating life (if she had one). Is there a cure? Can anyone get close enough to find out?

In stores TODAY for $3.99

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Jason Felix
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Cover art by Tim Bradstreet

Issue #2 of 5.

We continue right where we left off, reminded of the 12 ft distance between Marnie and anyone that is innocent. Well at least for those who listen and try to do the right thing.

Marnie is still on the run, leaving bodies after bodies behind. The city is so nerve struck that even the mayor wants to figure out a way to end this crisis, without putting a bullet through Mrs. Young’s head like everyone else wants. How much more can she run before it does grow in feet, but then again maybe it already has. And how can the city maintain Marnie before everyone is dead.

Redhead #2 has a nice blend of comedy with sci-fi, because of this perfect combination this issue won’t take long to gouge your eyes through. So make sure you are ready to wait till January 29th 2020 for Redhead #3.

Jason, that artwork is like a photograph mixed with paint. A very surreal feel that really pops the colors with the environment, Duane has the right writing technique going on with the jokes that should make any reader laugh or at least chuckle (see image above). Janice once again is bringing the lettering to life from Marnie’s mind to what is being said within each page. John Carpenter’s Redhead is one series you totally don’t want to miss while you’re still breathing.

“Comedy Blended With Sci-Fi Perfectly.”


Storm King Comics
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