“This Old House #1” – Paranormal Comic Review

Synopsis: Ruth and Richard Armentrout are the best paranormal investigators in the business, with decades of experience and dozens of bestselling books about their ghost busting successes. There’s just one little detail: neither of them has ever actually seen a ghost – in fact, neither one even believes that ghosts exist.

Now, after twenty years in the business, Ruth wants out – but Richard persuades her to take on one last case: a pair of wealthy hipsters whose renovation of an old Salem schoolhouse is going bone-chillingly badly. For the right price, Ruth agrees to “help”, but when she and Richard arrive at the House, they quickly find that all their years of faking ghosts is no preparation for a real live haunting…and the resident spirits are not happy to see them.


We begin with a demonic story, a 9 year old who has now been possessed. As our main characters tell their “side of the story”, which we later on find out it seems to be nothing more than a scam? Richard seems to be constantly always on the go, whether it’s some sort of phone call or meetings. While Ruth is left to pretty much do, all the work. It seems whatever Ruth and Richard have been doing, has been running for twenty or so years. We see a little cool way of flashbacks when Ruth talks with the current residents, and guess who’s always talking to the residents by themselves.

As much as these new residents are new and are “super annoying” with the new modern slang, unless this type of slang has gone away. However it’s not these residents that should be what’s to come, whomever resides there in spiritual form or forms. They know who Ruth is, and that right there, Ruth should be afraid of. And when it comes down to Richard, maybe Ruth should be keeping a closer eye on him than what he gives off.

The colors are nice, the writing is well, the way it should be people we hate but also feel sorry for. And with the slow burn possibly not going to show in Issue #2, I can’t wait to see where Dani takes her story next. Also when This Old House was originally getting funded first time around Kickstarter, for some odd reason. This Old House got suspended from Kickstarter, due to some weird reason of not “explaining what the project is about.” Which Dani and her team clearly did.

As far as purchasing your own copy, since it’s from Evoluzione Publishing. Known for delays and well… No updated comixology catalogs and the website provided in comic doesn’t work. Indy Planet seems to be a unsafe address to steal your information, you’d have to Follow Dani Colman on Kickstarter for the best way to keep up with This Old House series. I only want to warn people, because I’m in the same boat as I was in with Evoluzione Publishing again, waiting for a late project that was promised to be fulfilled this past August for The Gentleman #2. So how to get This Old House yourself, I honestly wouldn’t know without asking Dani Colman herself.

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